Your Christmas lights offend me!

Minority Review.

South Africa remains a Christian country that generally ignores the rights of other religious minorities!

This silly season once again parades politicians from every political party wishing their constituents – their Christian constituents only that is – a merry Christmas. ANC and DA run municipalities alike are again dipping into state coffers to pay for lavish Christmas parties, street lights (including the electricity bills), and public functions, in celebration of a single religious celebration – the celebration of the mythical birth of Jesus the Christ.

Whilst Jews and Muslims are sometimes briefly acknowledged as existing, no municipality ever spends a single cent on celebrating non-Christian religious public holidays. Pagans are never ever mentioned.

Most South Africans, even non-Christian citizens, appear not to care about this blatantly biased expenditure – one that takes tax money from atheists and Satanists alike – and state-backed entrenchment of a single fundamentalist religious ideology. Even Pagans prepare Christmas trees and purchase gifts for their Christian family members and children. They don’t seem to mind that their own personal faith is ignored and undermined annually and repeatedly, both financially and politically, by radio stations, state television, parliament and themselves.

I won’t be celebrating any Christian public holiday! And I won’t acquiesce to the blatantly prejudicial expenditure of state funds by my DA-run municipality (George). When Eskom reminds us this December, as they do every year, that we need to use less electricity so that Christians can use more in celebrating their state-funded religious holiday, I am going to turn on every electrical appliance and light switch in my home, and set fire to my Eskom electricity bill and a copy of this country’s constitution in protest. My protest won’t change the status quo, but it will make me feel a lot better.

Stand up for your rights, or lose them entirely!

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