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If I can connect to one, I can connect to the many: working with the energy of a group of people


In this post I am going to describe the processes I use when I would like to work with the energies of a group of people.

There are many reasons to use this type of energy work, and a lot of people do use it already. A good illustration of this is when we get together to help a lot of people, for example to pray for peace in a war-torn country or to pray for victims of a natural disaster or a “heal the earth” meditation.

A lot of people actually do this kind of energy work without realising it. It is the most “giving” form and is shared the most often.

The most common question that comes up with this kind of work is this. If we need permission to affect somebody’s personal energy, how do we get the permission of hundreds if not thousands of people? That is the biggest difference with this form of work compared to all the others.

Previously I showed you how I work with a person’s energy, in this case I am not working with anybody’s energy at all. This may sound confusing but stick with me.

What I am going to be doing is channelling a specific type of energy. If we look back at the examples I mentioned earlier, the energies I would be channelling would Peace or Healing. It is a greater, more general energy I am working with and not someone’s personal energy.

How do I know that this type of energy work is going to be effective? Quite honestly I don’t and nobody really does. I am taking a specific type of energy and I am sending it out to the people who need it and that is all I can do. The people who need it will only receive it if they are open to the receiving of it.

If someone does not want to receive healing, no matter how ill they are, they won’t receive it. It is in this way that I am not affecting someone’s personal energy against their will.

This type of energy work can be done by one person though it is always more powerful when a group of people can get together to do the work. The more people there are to send the energy, the greater the amount of energy that can be sent out.

What I need to make contact

When performing this kind of work there is always a common denominator amongst the people you want to send the energy out to. What I need to do is be very specific about what that common denominator is and use that as my way of linking to the people I would like to help.

The process of connecting

  • Step one: In this step I spend time focusing and meditating on the reason for the energy work, for example healing, and the common denominator between the people I want help. These are the two most important elements of this type of work.

The reason for the type of energy work will be the energy I want to send out. The common denominator represents the people I want to affect.

  • Step two: This step helps me to focus on the specific people I wish to affect. I start by visualising in front of me the outline of the common denominator and then fill it with white light. It can be something specific, for example the outline of a country, the earth or the shape of an item. If the common denominator is not a physical form, for example if it is an emotion, or I am not sure of the shape of the form, then I imagine a sphere of white light that has been charged with that type of energy.

At this stage I do not need to “search for” the energy of the people I am looking to affect. What I am attracting is the energy of the common denominator to my visualised form. This is because the common denominator is already a part of their lives and their energies are already linked to it.

  • Step three: The next step for me is to channel the energy required. I can channel energy through my crown chakra by drawing it out of the air around me, though personally I prefer to draw the energy I am going to channel out from the earth. There are two reasons for this. Firstly by drawing energy from the earth, I am also staying grounded which is important for all types of energy work. The second reason is based on theories proved by scientists. What science has shown us is that energy can travel faster and more strongly through the earth than through air or water.

If you would like to learn more about the science behind energy work, here are some really good books to read:

  • Supernature by Lyall Watson
  • The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra
  • The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto (This book actually has interesting details on experiments with emotions and how they travel through the air and earth)

I stand / lie / sit with the souls of my feet firmly planted on the ground. I then concentrate on drawing a specific type of energy up from the earth and through my feet. I visualise the energy flowing up through my body, down my arms and out through my hands towards the visualised form before me. I let the energy flow through me and to the form until I feel it is saturated with the charge of the new energy.

If you are wondering how I know when to stop, the best way I can explain it is as follows. Once I start sending the energy to the form of the common denominator, I am able to feel it pulling the energy from me. This can come in many different sensations, I can feel heat or cold or a tingling sensation in my hands. Sometimes I can even feel the actual pull of the energy from me to the form. Once these sensations stop, it usually means that the form has the energy it requires for the time being.

Once I am channelling the energy, I perform the work I need to do and then I slowly close the connection. I cannot leave energy flowing through me as it will become exhausting and I don’t want the channel I created to be open to outside influences.

Process for stopping the energy flow:

  • Step one: I visualise the energy flow from the earth stopping and no longer flowing to me.
  • Step two: I visualise the last of the energy flowing through my body and arms and out through my hands and to the energy form.
  • Step three: I visualise the energy moving away from the energy form and gradually and gently towards the people it is intended for.


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