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“Pulling in” a specific person’s energy


In this post I am going to describe the processes I use when I ‘pull in’ and channel another person’s energy. I use this form of connecting to someone’s energy mostly when I am performing a distance Tarot or Rune reading.

Once I am connected to and channeling a person’s energy in this way. I am able to work with Tarot cards on their behalf. I can randomly select Runes or I can let the Runes “fall where they may” for a reading.

The method of the actual reading depends on the reason for the reading and not the channeling of my client’s energy.


What I need to make contact

What I need for this is the same as for when I am reaching out for a specific person’s energy:

• If I personally know the person I am going to be working with, then “finding” their energy is quite easy. From knowing them I already am familiar with their energy. All I need to do is reach out with my energy and connect to that person.
• If I am going to make a connection to someone I have never met before it takes a bit more time. The details I require from the person I am working with are his or her full name and date of birth. With these two details alone I will be able to make a connection to a specific person.


The process of connecting

Step one: This step is the same as when I am reaching out for a specific person’s energy. I spend a moment on the name and details of the person I am going to be reaching out for.

During the connecting process and reading, I continually repeat my client’s details in order to build up and maintain a strong connection.

Step two: I visualise an outline of a figure in front of me (male or female, depending on my client). There are no specific details and it is usually just the outline in a white or blue light.

Blue is the colour of the throat chakra and represents clear communication

Step three: As in part 2, once I know who I am searching for, I send out ‘feelers’ to find and connect to the other person.

From part 2: I am doing this by sending out a strand of energy (or two) from myself, usually from my Third Eye and or Solar Plexus chakras. What I am doing is psychically feeling for that person’s energy. I will know once I have found the right energy because my personal energy has been charged to recognise it.

Step Four: Once I have done this and I am connected to the other person, I then use these strands of energy to pull the other person’s energy towards me and into the figure I have previously imagined standing in front of me.

Step Five: After I am connected to the person, I spend some time strengthening that connection. I continue to repeat the process and I watch as the energy in the figure before me becomes stronger. As it does, it will begin to grow brighter.

There needs to be enough energy to make a strong connection, but not too much energy so that it adversely affects the person I am working with.

At this point, I can work with the person’s energy for healing or blessings, or any kind of work where I would be ‘Charging’ the other person’s energy. After which I would return the energy back to its owner.

If I am going to continue working with the energy in order to channel it, I would then follow the following steps.


Steps to channeling someone else’s energy

Step one: Now that I have visualised and created the Energy Form of the person I am going to be working with, I visualise a stream of energy flowing from the form’s crown chakra to mine. The energy needs to flow in a continuous uninterrupted stream.

Step two: Once connected by the crown chakras, I visualise the energy flowing from my crown chakra, down my head and neck, down my arms and out through my hands.

Now that the person’s energy will be flowing through me and my hands, everything I touch will be affected by their energy.

Step three: With the energy flowing out of my hands, I visualise it flowing back to the energy form and re-joining at the solar plexus. This creates a continuous cycle of energy.

The reason for creating a separate Energy Form is to protect the person I am working with. I could do this type of work by connecting directly in this way to my client but most of the time my clients are not used to this level of energy work.

By working this way, they are protected from the affects and feelings they might have that they may not understand. Examples of these are feeling feint or light-headed, feeling uneasy or any form of discomfort.

Once I am channelling the energy, I perform the work I need to do and then I close the connection and return the energy back to its owner. This step of the process must be done. I cannot leave energy, especially someone else’s simply “lying around” and open to outside influences. It is irresponsible to do so and can seriously affect the other person.


Process for stopping the energy flow:

Step one: I visualise the energy flow from the crown chakra of the energy form stopping and no longer flowing to me.

Step two: I visualise the last of the energy flowing through my body and arms and out through my hands and to the solar plexus of the energy form.

Step three: I visualise the energy moving away from the energy form and gradually and gently going back to its owner.

This needs to be a gradual process. The sudden return of all of the energy to its owner can be alarming and unsettling.

Step four: I slowly break my connection to the other person. I do this by visualising the connected energy and then watching it dissolve away. Or the connection being separated and each person’s energy returning to themselves (almost like watching a seed growing outward, but in reverse).

Most of the time my clients don’t completely understand the process of energy work but they place their TRUST in me. That trust us something that must be respected!
End of part three…

If you have any questions, on this topic, you would like answered please email them to me and I will answer them to the best of my abilities:


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