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Reaching out for a specific person’s energy


In this post I am going to describe the process I use when reaching out to connect to a specific person’s energy. I use this method mostly when I performing a session for distance healing with Reiki.

I won’t go through what I do during the sessions because that is a completely different topic and you would need to go through some form of training in order to be able to successfully and responsibly perform distance healing.

Though healing isn’t necessarily the only reason you would use this process, it can be adapted and used for readings, spells and other forms of energy work.

Before you begin it is important to keep the following in mind, once you have connected to someone through their energy, your thoughts and emotions can deeply affect that person.

When you are attached to another person on that level you need to remain as neutral as possible. The beginning process as described in Part 1 will help you to achieve this state.

If for some reason you cannot become neutral and calm your own energies then the best possible action to take is none. Rather postpone your energy work than unnecessarily cause harm.


What I need to make contact


  • If I personally know the person I am going to be working with, then “finding” their energy is quite easy. From knowing them I already am familiar with their energy. All I need to do is reach out with my energy and connect to that person.
  • If I am going to make a connection to someone I have never met before it takes a bit more time. The details I require from the person I am working with are his or her full name and date of birth. With these two details alone I will be able to make a connection to a specific person.


The process of connecting


Step one: I spend a moment on the name and details of the person I am going to be reaching out for. You can compare it to giving a bloodhound an item of clothing to get a person’s scent from. In this case my personal energy would be the bloodhound and the person’s details would be their scent.

In essence what I am doing at this stage is charging my energy so that it vibrates at the same frequency as the other person’s. This will help our energies to actually be attracted to each other.


Step two: Once I know who I am searching for, I send out ‘feelers’ to find their scent. I am doing this by sending out a strand of energy (or two) from myself, usually from my Third Eye and or Solar Plexus chakras. What I am doing is psychically feeling for that person’s energy. I will know once I have found the right energy because my personal energy has been charged to recognise it.

When performing any type of energy work there is no room for uncertainty. You will know when you have connected to a specific person’s energy, do not doubt yourself.

When you are talking to someone on the phone, you don’t doubt who you are talking to and that you have a connection between the two phones. Energy work is the same. Once you are connected to a person you know that you are connected.


Step three: After I am connected to the person, I spend some time strengthening that connection. I do this by concentrating on that person’s energy and repeating their name and date of birth over and over again. I do this until I feel a strong enough connection between us that will not be easily broken.

Step three is somewhat like watching a person in the distance walking closer and closer towards me. As the person comes closer, I can see them more clearly. With energy work, the stronger I make the connection, the more clearly I am able to “see” their energy in my mind’s eye.

When I am connected to a person’s energy, I am able to see and feel their energy quite clearly. In Reiki Healing sessions I have even felt minor pains in my physical body in the same places where my client would be feeling pain at that time. Before the session the client may not have told me about the problem, but I am still able to pick it up.


As soon as I am linked to a person I do the work I need to do to help that person, and when I am done I break the connection. If you are going to do energy work on this level, make sure that you take your time to slowly break the connection. An instant break in an energy bond can actually cause physical pain for both yourself and the client, for example; chest pains or headaches. This depends on the Chakra you are most strongly connected to.

Sometimes after energy work, even if you have gently broken the connection, the person on the receiving end might have a mild Third-Eye-Headache. This is natural and it happens because the person might not be used to dealing with this kind of energy or the amount of energy used.


As the practitioner, should this happen I need to know how to advise my clients on what to do. I am going to share with you my favourite remedies for an “energy induced” headache.

  • I tell my client to ground themselves. The easiest way to do this is by eating or drinking something. If they are going to drink something, it must not contain any caffeine. I find a cup of camomile tea is best as it is calming and is also a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Rub a drop of lavender oil on each temple. Lavender works wonders for headaches and it is also calming and a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Place an amethyst over the third eye. If you do this when you have a headache, you should be able to feel the pressure of the headache begin to lift almost immediately.

Over time, and with a lot of practice, you will begin to realise the endless possibilities of what you can do with this type of energy work, please do so responsibly and use protection (as covered in part 1).

There is only one rule to keep in mind with any type of energy work involving other people.

You cannot work with anybody’s energy unless you have their permission to do so. If you cannot get their permission, then don’t do it.


End of part two…

If you have any questions, on this topic, you would like answered please email them to me and I will answer them to the best of my abilities:


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