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I was recently asked what my process was with regards to performing distance readings with the Tarot and Runes. It really got me thinking about how best to explain what it is I did. I have been doing energy work for so long that perhaps I was taking how I did it for granted.

I spent a lot of time thinking about it and paying attention to what exactly I did when I did it. As a result I have come up with a system to not only explain what it is I do but to hopefully have a way to help others who may be looking to do similar energy work.

There are three methods I use. The method I use will depend on the reason I am doing energy work, whether it be for a distance reading with the Tarot or Runes, or for a Reiki healing session.

These three methods are:

  • Reaching out to connect to a specific person’s energy. This is the one I use the most often during distance Reiki and healing sessions.
  • Drawing a specific person’s energy to me and channelling it to flow through me. This is the process I use most often when performing distance readings for my clients.
  • Working with the energies of a group of people. This is an extension of both the previously mentioned methods.

Over the next few days I will be writing about and taking you through each step:

  • Post 1: Introduction and beginning process
  • Post 2: Reaching out for a specific person’s energy
  • Post 3: Pulling in a specific person’s energy
  • Post 4: If I can connect to one, I can connect to many: working with the energy of a group of people.

If you have any questions, on this topic, you would like answered please email them to me and I will answer them to the best of my abilities:

How to Begin

Here are the steps I take before beginning any type of energy work, and especially distance energy work.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position and won’t be easily distracted!

  • Step one: Lie or sit down and ground yourself. I usually do this by visualising roots extending from the base of my spine and digging themselves deep into the earth below me.

For readings, sit comfortably in front of your work area. You are entering into a meditative state, which you don’t want to break by getting up and moving!


  • Step two: Visualise a shell of protective white light forming around you. Inside the shell of white light, visualise yourself surrounded by golden, protective and healing light.

I do not move on to the last two steps until I feel that the first two steps have been thoroughly completed, and I am grounded and safe.


  • Step three: Take five long deep breaths in and out. Let your mind and body begin to calm down as you start to enter into a meditative state.


  • Step four: Concentrate on relaxing the muscles in your body. I take time to relax every part of my body, from my toes to my shoulders and from my fingers to my neck, followed by my head and face.


The slow repetition of the fourth and final step actually serves two purposes. The first is to relax your body. The second is the almost hypnotic repetition allows you to enter into a deeper state of meditation.

Once you are in a calm, meditative state, you are open to work with energy on a completely different level. In a way you are ‘removing’ physical obstacles and limitations and working on a purely energetic level.


You can use this opening process as a basic meditation. Once you have gone through the four steps, sit quietly and listen to the unseen. You might gain some insight or wisdom!

End of part one…

Next post: Part 2: Reaching out for a specific person’s energy.


Original post: 11 July 2012:


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