Wisdom of the Ages


I did something today that an adult should not do, it was a terrible, terrible thing.

I stepped away from my office to get some lunch (I work from home so it wasn’t too far). I had decided to take an early lunch, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and felt I needed to breathe a little before continuing my work.

The TV was on and there was a children’s movie showing. It was already quite far into the movie but I stopped as it caught my attention.

One for the wonderful things about children’s movies is that they always have an important life lesson for the kids (young and old) to learn with the characters as they go along their journey. The message of this particular movie was about learning to live here and now and not in the past. A pretty powerful and relevant message and not one I would have expected from a children’s movie.

Even as children, our environment and things that influence it, such as movies, are beginning to teach us valuable life lessons, spiritual lessons. At the age of five we might not realise it but as we grow up we continue to learn and eventually one day realise (hopefully) when we are learning one of life’s valuable lessons.

I believe that is when we truly begin to grow spiritually and we begin to gain one of the most important treasures known to man… wisdom.

I think we tend to make the mistake of believing, subconsciously and consciously, that wisdom is the answer to a great mystery and that the answer is THE truth and is set in stone. One thing I have discovered is that the opposite is true.

Our lives and what we need are always changing as the world is changing every day. I have noticed that when I feel I have learnt an important life lesson and I wish to share that message with someone else, that person will take that exact same message and mould it into something else, into something that is relevant to them.

Wisdom isn’t something set in stone and hidden somewhere where you can only find it if you have lived a long and full life. It is within and around all of us, right here and right now and it evolves with us as our lives change.

The only thing we need to do is be willing to listen to it. If we wish to, we can accept Life’s challenges, learn her lessons and we can all become a little wiser every day regardless of how young or old we are.


First published, Lughnasadh 2012  ~ http://ggclothing.blogspot.com/


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