Who am I?

morgause_fonteleve_off_the_cuffI do not classify myself as an Occultist, although the Special Units of the Police might label me so, for I have spent a great deal of time opening up doors and bringing spiritual teachings and diverse ways of perceiving spirituality into the light; sharing the Mysteries I have stumbled upon and endeavouring to encourage folk follow those teachings that exhort them to noble actions, ethics, morality and virtue, in the pursuit of their personal truth, the joyous performance of their duties and actions coherent with the irrefutable and immutable Laws of the Universe.

Society has this perception that the Occult are the arts of the Devil, a devil that I do not believe in.  So who am I?

I, like many others, have sought the truth in the sacraments and trappings of religions, in Neo-Pagan spirituality and magical rites, in theosophical and philosophical Mystery Teachings and initiations, and I have discovered that in the solemnity of all of them, an occulted – hidden truth was to be found.  A Truth well beyond and above man-made institutions, legislations and human influence and the perceived time-bound veracity of that particular truth.  The truth is never naked, for She is timid and all-inclusively pure.

I am classified as an Atheist (in so much as I negate the existence of God(s)), yet as a Naturalist/Pantheist, I have been called an idolater by the very same people who generously dispense the previous label. Truth be told, I have searched in every possible theology and borrowed from all and sundry in order that I could grow in understanding and learn to be/make a difference in the world I live in, no matter how small that difference may have potentially been. I tried with all of me to act in good conscience, assisting myself and therefore others, by becoming an instrument of liberty and free will without compromising ethics, morals, never lending myself to fanaticisms or propagandistic endeavours of any creed or belief, proclaiming only the right of every individual to be god in his own right.  I succeeded to some small degree and in the awareness which arises in the discipline of constant striving, I shall hopefully continue to contribute to the growth of the Greater I, as I get to know the “We”(I and I) intimately.

Despite what the religious and the fond labelists say, I have not conspired against God, Man or Government, but have striven to be an exemplary citizen of country and an honourable member of the human race, albeit admitting only to an existence of divinity within every sentient Being, in every particle of Nature and not as some external, singular entity that rules and punishes the All It botched in the act of creation.

No man or man-made institution has the right to dictate or interfere with the spiritual or religious belief of another.  Man has but the duty to live in harmony, of being moral, ethically virtuous and filled with empathy and compassion for the Whole, remembering that all power which is accorded us is not there for our personal prerogative and abuse but in order to uplift the Whole through intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual amelioration.

To the best of my ability I shall continue to strive to be a vehicle of information and illumination, guided by Nature and Reason, aided by Divine Instinct (Conscience within) and Justice, practicing Equity, striving to understand the struggle and beauty of life and those whose lives touch mine and not to be blind to the light of others.  Madame Blavatsky wrote that in accordance with Occult Law, no man can rise superior without uplifting ever so little the whole body of which he is an integral part of, for there is no such thing as separateness.  We are One, though many.  The same goes for every esoteric and exoteric Spiritual Path.

I believe not in miracles or magic, am neither a religious adherent nor occultist.  In the book, Collected Writings of H.P. Blavatsky, in volume 2 – Magic, H.P.B. writes  “Our Society believes in no miracle, divine, diabolical or human, nor in anything which eludes the grasp of either philosophical and logical induction, or the syllogistic method of deduction,  But if the corrupted and comparatively modern term of “magic” is understood to mean the higher study and knowledge of nature and deep research into her hidden powers – those occult and mysterious laws which constitute the ultimate essence of every element …, again if by magic is meant that ancient study within the sanctuaries known as the “Worship of the Light”, or divine and spiritual wisdom as distinct from the worship of darkness or ignorance, which led the initiated High-Priests of antiquity among the Aryans, Chaldeans, Medes and Egyptians to be called Maha, Magi, or Maginsi, and by the Zoroastrians Meghistom (wise)- then, we Theosophists “plead guilty”.

In my opinion, the powers that be know that there is beauty, morality and discipline to that which is erroneously termed as The Occult.  They need sin, guilt and the guilty as well as the blissfully ignorant, in order to stay in business; the business of misinformation and generic need for redemption.  Redemption from what?  From the lie that all religion is man-made.

I will not surrender my awareness and understanding, my powers of reasoning, my freedom from bourgeois virtues, I will not relinquish my stainless will and right to Self-Realize at the altar of their spiritual ideologies, their prison religions, their hellish dogma and divisive lies.

Remember that We lose out on Paradise ONLY when we accept their Feast of Guilt.

Let your answer be “No thank you.  I only eat when I’m hungry!”

Love is the Law, and let Love be under Will.  Love overrides all but its very Law.

Will to Power!

“Occultism is not magic, though magic is one of its tools.  Occultism is not the acquirement of powers, whether psychic or intellectual, though both are its servants.  Neither is Occultism the pursuit of happiness, as men understand the word; for the first step is sacrifice, the second renunciation.  Occultism is the science of life and the art of living.”  Lucifer, Vol I, pg.7

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