Virility is no virulence ~ Let Men be Men !


There is no denying that the concept of Manhood has changed drastically throughout time and that perhaps the time for Men’s Liberation has finally arrived.  Ah, I can almost hear the comments.

“Men’s Liberation?  This is preposterous!”

“Liberation from what?”

“This is a Man’s World!”

But is it?

I look around and in my opinion, MAN(kind) need liberating from the imbalance that has been brought about by centuries of lies, the calculated emancipation of Women, social conditioning and the subsequent ignorance (as well as the feeling of directionless existence) in a world that is neither patriarchal nor patriarchal. A world which hovers instead, way up or far below the balance between both.  A world where women are encouraged to pursue the Female Mysteries but Men have been denied the right to experience the enthusiasm of exploring the fascinating truth about their own Masculinity for fear of  been seen to adhere too closely to forbidden specifications for taboos, of being labelled as misogynists or being condemned as démodé macho types.

The Indios Tribes of the Amazons played a game called Pellota; the objective of the game was to play until both sides were even. Experts claim the philosophy behind this game to be typical of matriarchal thinking, as opposed to the “oh he’s such a gentleman, he opened the car door for me, but he must not stand in the way of my career” attitude of today.

Yes, I believe in women’s rights. I am however not a Feminist. I am not an advocate for male-dominated supremacy either.  I am not even pro-equilibrium. I am pro what is Natural!

I believe men can and should seek to touch and restore the feminine inside of them and revere the Goddess, however it would be short sighted to allow themselves to lose sight of their Inner God, their masculinity, their virility, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Yes, gone are the days of male quests, the wars, the adventures, man turned hero, hero turned God; perfected being ascending the 33 vertebral steps to the Temple of the Inner King, Master of the Chequered Black and White Floor within, Sovereign of Himself, man unlimited by gender yet capable of wearing the mask of flesh with pride and comfortably playing the role required of him.

It is time to redefine. This is not a step backwards and those who feel bewildered and experience the fear of embracing masculine naturalness are not pro balance as they may think they are, but gravitate more towards inequality and the flirting of the dictates of society and it’s very forceful hand towards cultures and sub-cultures which it invents (by perverting the natural) and in its unabated drive to constantly divide and rule.

Men need more than to be in touch with the loving and sacrificial aspects of their Divine Nature.  Man has been estranged from the positive side of his darksome, cruel, moral, just, firm, warlike, competitive and sometimes vindictive nature. The Church has so demonized these qualities and the satyrical, heroic, primal deity, that men have found themselves suffocated out of their own right of being, forced to succumb to societal pressure and quit breathing, so to speak.

Man’s Inner Osiris has been dismembered and men need to reassemble themselves. How should they go about doing this? Personally I believe there is a need to deconstruct and return to the primal state of Nothingness. There is the need to return to the timeless state of primordial seminal essence, to intone their name and become one with the chthonic inner Dionysian darkness from which they will birth themselves. Man born without woman! Man born out of Awareness. Man unbound by societal expectations, limits and taboos. Man of genuine inner strength, unquestionable honour and noble action.

Men could probably build the elements of male essence into their psyche and visualize their reconstitution out of Divine Nothingness. In so doing they could put into themselves the fundamental things about maleness and construct them around their own state of awareness.  Naturalness without slurs. ‘Awake’ and ‘self realized’ are the magic words. Men who will build the temple to their own God-dom. True Men!

Admittedly being a man goes beyond being a responsible, beer-drinking, industrious, money-making father-figure. Selflessness, humility and consistency are social skills men learn in their phase of personal refinement, but this refinement must not be achieved through emasculation.

Being a Man means being hunter, warrior, knight, courter of adventure and challenger of danger. It also means the ability to reconcile with the Goddess yet not forgetting the Gods within, the nerve to run wild and be energetic, vociferous, but knowing the Silence of True Being, know to be Seducing God or Seductive Goddess if need be, but in so doing, never trade in the fact of being real and genuine!

Experts say that there are many “essences” in the gender garden, the many nuances and colour schemes between the polarities of being male and female; men and women today settle where they feel most comfortable with greater facility than in years gone by, but the male must desist from excusing his own aggressive nature, his own rapacious virility, the effects that testosterone have upon him. Men should be consciously masculine.

The above is not a cry for further differentiation, further division between homosexuals, heterosexuals, transexuals, transvestites or any other form of self-identification within the eightfold scale of gender. It is a reminder to some, or all men, who may wish to experience the adventure and wonder of the Male Mysteries again irrespective of their sexual orientation.

I am speaking about Being. I am referring to being beyond the pairing off, beyond the drive to mate, beyond the participation in rearing offspring, beyond the providing and maintaining capacities inculcated and ingrained in man’s psyche as normal and acceptable behaviour. The calibration of the state of Inner Godhood and outer Manhood, to the required and approved external cannons of behaviour, have been completely misplaced. This has to be rectified, come what may, if men are to be allowed to be Men.

Being a man requires the expression of conscious masculinity and virility without loss of warmth and humaneness. It requires the will to stand tall and knowing that men are Creators and as such are the makers of the lives they live. Men are never victims and failure is an invitation to try again and again, for males are tenacious and stand back for nothing. Men dare to change, achieve, overcome, and conquer! Men should possess open minds but also possess the ability to stick by their code of principles and values, shunning false moralities and standards imposed solely to oppress, divide and rule.

Some will say that a man must exude confidence in everything he says or does. I maintain a man should own his attitude (whatever that may be), not be afraid of failure, not hide behind the curtain of denial, or ignorance, moral propriety, excuses for not Being, but persevere courageously and persist systematically against obstacles, not being overwhelmed by circumstances which arise or are thrown purposefully in his way to halt him. He is in control and transcends any momentary doubts. A man goes to war and is not afraid of defeat, or death, for he knows that in failure and in loss, lies the opportunity of renewal. Through radical change many a positive lesson is fearlessly learned and put to its full fruition. Man may rise out of failure and claim victory again. A man naturally knows this and does not court unfounded fears of non-reprisal. He trusts in himself and though he respects strength even in his foes, he will not desist but will forge ahead courageously, anticipating victory and the moment of spiritual rebirth.

A man need not shrink from or apologise for his own predatory and fast-food sexual nature. He need not permit this energy to express itself solely at the level of lust and animal drive. Instead, man may learn to channel and sublimate this creative power into innovative and intelligent thinking spheres and transmute it into the potential for understanding to experience depth of feeling, without necessarily going soft in the head or heart.

Of course all of the above is equally applicable to women, but this is not an article about women, but rather about the disempowered “extreme-polarity-man”, cheated out of his identity by society’s exigencies and taboos.

Masculine wretchedness is so commonplace today because the ways of world and religion demand that he repeatedly lie and place others before himself and his own interests. Man has been forced into the traditional roles of unnatural weakness and nurturing kindness, and women have the audacity of uttering clichés like “where have all the real men gone?”

The truth of the matter is that naturally speaking, Man comes first in Man’s life; family, spouses and friends come second, third and fourth. (Not necessarily in that order). If this imperative form of loyalty is misplaced, man’s inner status is usurped and the crumbling of the moral edifice of masculine principles and its tenets erode away at the truth of whom He is.

Men are active creatures of Nature. They are primarily givers and then receivers. The role of the first move is naturally “his” and expecting him to be passive and compliant is unjust and morally debilitating. Mothers, wives and sisters should stop pulling up the proverbial handbrake and allow their sons, husbands and brothers the sacrosanct right to express their own inner truth, minus the frills and pretty trimmings society insists on dressing them up in.

It is true! Men reap validation from other men and encourage one another to persevere despite obstacles or the heavy chances of probable failure. In our society the terms “Vasbyt” and “Bite the Bullet” have become quite common. Men encourage one another to put shoulder to the wheel and push through the barrier of pain, difficulties and hardships. Between two men training in a gym there is none of that “Ooh, let me give you a hand with those weights”. The mere idea is ludicrous and laughable. Men do things on their own, bump their noses, but quickly come to their own conclusions. Real men act on those conclusions, make changes, create, improve and take ownership of the outcome, success or failure that it may be.

This article is meant to be a provocation. Yes, perhaps some man should have written it, for I am but a woman curiously dabbling with the myriads of truths and their possibilities on the periphery of the Masculine Kingdom.

May we encourage our sons to listen harder to their Inner Truth and to choose to steer their moment-for-moment existence clear of and between the external voices that speak of political correctness and the will of the Gods, to the safe and true shores of Being.


Earth God Rising – The Return of the Male Mysteries by Alan Richardson (1992)

The Great Cosmic Mother – Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor (1987)



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