Tree Spirit Meditation


Tree SpiritSo often when we are faced with a problem we search outside of ourselves for an answer. Sometimes, despite all our external searching, we cannot find an answer- this is because the answer is already within you and requires you to look inward in order to be found.

This meditation was created to draw upon the energy of summer and to help you find answers to issues you may be currently facing.


Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Draw in a breath, pushing your stomach out as you do so. Hold this breath in for a moment, then exhale, drawing your stomach in. Continue breathing in this manner, allowing yourself to fully relax and release all the tension in your body. Once you feel fully relaxed, you can begin.

Focus on the blackness you see before you; and if any thoughts invade this space, acknowledge them and then push them out.

(short pause)

Feel yourself being drawn into the darkness by an irresistible pull- don’t fight it or fear it, instead allow yourself to tumble into it.

As you are being drawn into the void you notice colours and lights forming around you; pulsating into consciousness, swirling and dancing and intermingling with each other until they form a sacred space.

You now find yourself in a lush fern forest. Above you stretch towering trees, their branches interlocking to create a living roof of green. Beneath your feet the forest floor is rich brown and scattered with browning leaves and mossy rocks; its intoxicating, earthy smell makes you feel more and more connected to the forest with each breath.

The sounds of bird song and gently rushing water create the soundtrack to this sacred space, soothing your very soul. Take a moment to take in the essence of this place.

(short pause)

As you stand in this fern forest your attention is drawn to a rustling beneath the leaves of a giant tree fern. You pull the leaves back and find a glowing orb playfully flittering about. Something about the orb’s movements tell you that it wants you to follow it; that it has something to show you. Go now and follow the orb through the forest.

(short pause)

You follow the orb through the fern forest until it brings you to a tree. This tree is different from the rest in the forest; whether it is bigger or smaller, or whether its leaves are a different shape or colour, or its bark a different colour, this tree is unique. This is what the little forest spirit wanted you to see. And now that you are in this special tree’s presence, you can’t help but feel drawn to it. The spirit of this tree is beckoning you to come closer and you heed its call.

Go to the tree and sit with your back up against it. You are now going to connect with the spirit of the tree and seek its wisdom. As you sit there, your back to the trees sturdy trunk feel yourself becoming aware of a steady pulse, a rhythmic beat. This doesn’t come from the ground or the plants or even you, what you are sensing is the steady pulse of the tree, its ‘heartbeat’.

As you become more aware of this pulse you notice that your own heartbeat and the trees life pulse start to echo one another, their individual beats come closer together until they are no longer an echo but beat as one.

You are now connected to the tree’s spirit, and it is now that you notice someone standing before you- the very spirit of your tree. Your tree spirit is going to be unique, its appearance solely describable by you and you alone. Take a moment to examine the tree spirit before you.

(short pause)

The tree spirit beckons you to come forward, so you get up and approach it. It knows that you seek its wise counsel, that you have something you want its advice on. Ask your tree spirit now and listen to what it has to say.

(long pause)

With counsel been met, it is time for your tree spirit to return to its tree form. It steps back from you and fades slowly into the forest. It is now time for you to leave this sacred space and return to the waking world. Call for the orb that led you through the fern forest and follow it back to your starting point.

(short pause)

As you stand at your starting point, surrounded by greenery and the gentle hum of life unseen, you feel refreshed and relaxed, your spirit renewed. It is time to take those feelings back into the waking world.

Allow the sacred forest to begin to slowly meld into colours; its sounds and smells becoming fainter and fainter. Feel yourself being taken back into the darkness and allow yourself flow with it. Now become aware of your physical body; become aware of the weight of your arms and legs. Move your fingers, roll your shoulders and when you are ready, open your eyes and let out a deep breath.


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