To Dare, To Know, To Will, To Be Silent … but never again hidden!


There was time when we could not gather out in the open, celebrate openly, or discuss our different Traditions, make plans for Sabbats or debate how we perceived the Nature of the Divine without doing it in hiding.  There was a time when we could not express our political or religious views openly. The threat of “Die Rooi Gevaar” (the communist threat back under the Apartheid Regime) not only kept us quiet about our political beliefs, segregating races and cultures, but it also kept our lips zipped tight regarding anything that was seen as a threat to White Christian Supremacy.

In the pages of Allan Paton’s “Cry the Beloved Country”  I came face to face with the realization that there was such a thing as intense human injustice, the ugly face of a poverty so poor, a suffering so black, the inhumane treatment of the many so shocking and yet so invisible to the ruling class who ignored the trading of human lives and the crime that underlined living under the rule of racial and social injustice. Most importantly, I came across the noble ideal of political activism and the extent that people went to ensure that justice would one day prevail under a Constitution so beautiful  and so fair, it would accord every human being equal rights like it had never been done before.

These were my formative years.  In those years I lived a lot inside my head and inside the books I read.  In “The Great Gatsby” I learned all about the Age of Prohibition in the United States, a warped law mandated in order to force upon the public the ideals of morals and health.  They banned the sale, the manufacture and the transportation of alcohol, but its consumption and ownership was never made illegal.  I learned at that tender age, that prohibition and lack of balance lead to a widespread disregard for the law and encouraged the formation of criminal organizations and widespread corruption.

At the age of 10,  Lopsang Rampa’s  “The Third Eye” and Srila Prabhupada’s “The Science of Self Realization” catapulted me into the Universe of Spiritual Thinking, wrestling with questions such as,  Who are you?  Are you your body or something higher than your mind?  Through reading I was introduced to the concepts of enlightenment, meditation, reincarnation and realizing Godhead mixed together with Marxist thinking gleaned from a banned book called “The Red Eagle” and an ever-growing need to see and know more by studying the past, the World Wars, my ancestry!

I realized that I was thinking ‘outside the box’ despite my repressive surroundings.  Life brought me to South Africa for a few years and then took me around the world, just to bring me back to these shores in 1994.

The last few days articles have cast back my mind to Arthur Miller’s politico-religious allegories in “The Crucible” and to the days when some of our brethren were blacklisted and investigated by the Occult Unit.  In the dramatized version of the Salem Witch Trials the innocent and the deranged turned against one another and the fruit of one girl’s folly was the death warrant of the many.

There was a time when we did things in the shadows, when we hid behind closed doors and whispered softly so we would not be heard.  There was a time when we wore their badge of “sin and shame”, the “Scarlet Letter W”, a time when strangers barged through our doors waving warrants and trashing our homes dragging our breadwinners away in the middle of the night.

We had nothing to hide then.  We have nothing to hide now.  It takes a criminal mind and criminal tendencies to commit the heinous crimes ORCU wish to investigate.  Criminals come from every walk of life, from every spiritual persuasion, from every social background (as do those whose mental stability is questionable), who will accuse others for the sake of fulfilling some desperate vengeful need and to make sure that they are not held responsible for their own failures and shortcomings, in order to exercise their inner wickedness and malicious propensities, projecting their own malice on others.

Sin, heresy, guilt, those are our crimes against their God.  Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, and this expulsion was not merely a setting distance between men and God, but the commencement of an age of suffering.  I see something more to it.  It was all of that for those who stood in judgment, but for those who underwent said punishment, it was the beginning of the Age of Knowing.

I am a Theosophist and a Pantheist.  I am Pagan and proud!  I am a good citizen of my country and I will strive to contribute and continue to make a difference.  Knowing is what drives me to service and I do not hide “my light under a bushel”. What I know is science (kenning), old, deep, but it is not hidden, somber, sinister or evil.  It is the very handwriting of the One across the All.  It is how I experience God!

My KNOWING has no part in your romantic/sensational work of fiction.  This is my life.  This is your life.  This is their life.  Let the SAPS investigate crimes in the conventional, provable manner (murders, traffic of body parts, intimidation, fraud, physical and mental abuse, rape, etc.) and let them enforce the more than adequate current legislation without entertaining the realms of superstition. let them and the Courts investigate and prosecute the accessories to these crimes and let journalists report only after knowing the facts, letting the realms of the imagination, magic and spiritual differences not be drawn into questionable methodologies and mandates that give some the right to persecute others based on “facts” that cannot be proven in Court of Law, but have roots in biased religious opinion only.

To Dare, To Know, To Will, To Be Silent … but never again hidden!


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