The straight boys have rights, the lesbian does not! Eleanor Poulter

According to ACDP member Eleanor Poulter, sexual orientation is not a right.

In a comment to an IOL News article on the recent denial of service to two women wishing to be married at the wedding venue Beloftebos, EThekwini resident Eleanor Poulter, a member of the African Christian Democratic Party and supporter of The Embassy Church, posted the following comment…

“The inclusion of the psychological compulsion “sexual orientation” in the bill of Rights awarded homosexuals special privileges that are actually not rights, and these have been used to intimidate, bully and discriminate against people’s right to freedom of religion, belief and conscience. Human rights have been hijacked to endorse, promote and protect what is morally wrong.” Eleanor Poulter

Given the more recent IOL report of a lesbian who was held hostage and brutally raped by two straight boys in order to change her sexual orientation, it should be clear to any reasonable person, that utterances like Poulter’s amount to an incitement to disregard the Constitutionally protected rights of LGBTQI+ persons, and will likely serve to encourage and justify violence against lesbians, gays and transgender persons.

These utterances should not be tolerated!

Sexual orientation is not, as Poulter believes, an undeserved “privilege” bestowed upon us by the legislature.¬†Sexual orientation is a protected ‘right’!

Section 9 subsections (3) and (4) of Chapter 2 (The Bill of Rights) of the Constitution, 1996, expressly prohibits unfair discrimination directly or indirectly against sexual orientation.

Section 10(1) of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act (Equality Act) prohibits the publishing, propagating, advocating or communicating of words based on one or more prohibited grounds, against any person, that can reasonably be construed to demonstrate a clear intention to a) be hurtful; b) be harmful or incite harm; or c) promote or propagate hatred. Sexual orientation is a prohibited ground for discrimination in the Equality Act.

Sexual orientation is a legally protected human right in South Africa!

Poulter’s reliance on her right to religious freedom to callously justify her very public dismissal of and disdain for the legally protected rights of citizens who identify as lesbian, gay and transgender, is abhorrent! It reflects her own morally bankrupt conscience.

A formal complaint against Eleanor Poulter is being lodged with the South African Human Rights Commission.

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