The process of the triple aspect: Research, Creation, Reflection


Whilst meditating on the triple aspect of the Goddess, I found myself staring at the picture that I have attached. After recreating the picture I saw in meditation, as best as I could, I found that my view of the triple aspect of the Goddess has been very boxed.

I always saw it as a timeline in our lives; that we are transformed into the next element of the Goddess at specific ages.  Further than that, I had these arguments within myself where I was afraid to leave the Maiden in me behind, so to speak and embrace the Mother aspect in me. What I have now come to realize is that the triple aspect of the Goddess is within us in its threefold nature within the very state of being.

This might sound silly to anyone who reads this, but enlightenment really does come to everyone at there own time. I decided that I would practice this; be the maiden and research into the similarities between ‘the maiden and research’; ‘the mother and creation’ and ‘the crone and reflection’; and then I would be The Mother and create an article on my findings which would allow me to be as The Crone and reflect on it and decide whether I could and would unite these findings with my state of being.

I have also added aspects of our Great Goddess which would be perfect to assist in meditations within this cycle of our state of being.

Triple Aspects by Gigi Lombard

Research and The Maiden

According to the dictionary research as we know is “the systematic investigation into and the study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.”

The Maiden is the young being who sees the world like a child. Everything is new to her and she takes everything with open arms yet she also scrutinizes it to the ninth degree. She has a deep hunger to know everything about the subject that has caught her fancy, and without any outside influences she sees that, that she is researching as an article on its own.  She is the creative entity that years creation.

In our lives when we are doing something untried; learning something unfamiliar or hearing a new piece of news about something, many of us tend to look at it from either the mother or the crone aspect and so any information that we are to research is tainted by all the information that we have obtained through our lives. We look at something new and dirty it with our already preconceived ideas of the world.

I believe that the maiden aspect of the goddess is here to teach us to accept anything new like a child, like the maiden.

When we see a cross around someone’s neck for example, we have preconceived ideas of Christians and immediately we place our former knowledge onto the person. Instead why do we not try to research or see this person through the eyes of the maiden… viewing each person like a child.

The aspects of the Goddess in Maiden form: Freya, from Norse mythology, known as “The fair one”, is one of my favorite maiden Goddesses; there is also Persephone/ Kore (Greek); and great Diana (Roman)/Artemis (Greek), to name but a few.

Creation and The Mother

This might seem as really obvious as this is the one aspect of The Goddess where most of us are familiar as She is our ‘heavenly Mother’; but creation and the mother really goes very far beyond the familiar pregnant curvaceous feminine image.

Creation according to the dictionary is “The action or process of bringing something into existence.” We knew that already though, but do we realize how many things we actually bring into existence almost every second of our life.

The Mother and Creation are really very dependent on the success of the Maiden’s research. If in this process the Maiden has tainted research; the Mothers creation will also be tainted. We know that age-old saying that goes “thoughts become things”, well just so the research becomes creation; the maiden becomes the mother. Using the example again, if the maiden looked at the Christian in an antagonistic way, the Mothers creation would be that of anger, irritation or just pure hostility. This would indeed be a waste of a possibly good creation. Let us say that the Maiden accepted the Christian from childlike eyes, the Mothers creation would then be totally dependant on whether that person was indeed a good person or not and so the Mother would have the freedom of basing her ideas on this person from a clear and unblemished perspective; the Mothers creation would then be absolutely pure!

We must also note that The Mother yearns to reflect on her creation, she yearns to be free of the labor pains and see the product of her creation, but she yearns for this reflection to be one of a satisfied state without doubts.

The aspects of the Goddess in Mother form: Ma Durga (Hindu) – one of my best-loved Mother aspects of the Goddess; Frigg (Norse); Kali Ma (Hindu), to name but a few.

Reflection and The Crone

Again as per the dictionary reflection, amongst many other things is “serious thought or consideration.” At this point the Crone with her memories of being the maiden and being the mother, knows all. She now holds the entire process in her hands. This process might not seem as important as the first two, but the crone has an equally important task and that is to correctly reflect on what she has come to find. She now has to make the decision to incorporate the research and the creation into her complete state of being and from there she is the one who will impart this knowledge to others. The Crone is the final teacher and the embodiment of the completed knowledge; it is only from the process of reflection and after anything has been incorporated into our being that we can impart knowledge properly. The maiden cannot impart complete knowledge, she can only teach her childlike nature and knowledge of how to do research, how to see the world from a crystal clear point of view. Just so, the mother has not yet completed the process of creation as she is in an ever-creating cycle; she never ceases creation, she is creation and so she can only teach the process that she is. The crone however can only reflect on the being of maiden and mother. She is the final stage in the molding of our existence; She is the wise old storyteller.

Every time we complete this process our being is changed. This cycle is never ending and the maiden sometimes works whilst the mother is creating and the crone reflecting on something else. The reason that it is so important to discern the three different states of being and really pull them apart; understanding and practicing the three different beings, and take each aspect of the Goddess and go through the triple aspect process through each of them, is so that the cycle in the end may be clean and pure and work successfully, even though we are not entirely conscious that it is happening.  Saying this though makes me realize how it is also The Crone who seeks to be the maiden again. The Crone takes what she has reflected on and takes one thing she wishes to be a creation and once again she becomes The Maiden.

The Aspects of The Goddess in Crone form: Hekate (Greek) – one of my dearest Crone aspects of the Goddess; Macha (Irish); Baba Yaga (Russian);  there are so many more though…

The process of sitting down and taking any one example of our lives and placing the map of the triple aspect over it is really daunting, for it is only then that we realize how much we research; how much of that is turned into creations, and how little many of us truly reflect. Most of the world today are far to busy in the mother aspect; we are creating so much and leaving reflection to fall short because we are unhappy with our creations, so back to the drawing board we go and not to the maiden – I mean we already know what we are doing – no, straight back to creation! To be in a state of never-ending creation, nothing is being unified with our state of being, we are haphazardly bring tarnished creations into this world and the maiden inside us is left hungry and dissatisfied; the mother is sent weak and overburdened into a hell of continual labor pains and aborted produce and the crone is left to die in the back of our minds reflecting on nothing but what nonsense we have fed her.

In all religions and ways of life there are guidelines. I have worn the triquetra around my neck for so long now, and I have never taken the time to meditate on The Goddess in her totality, never allowed the cycle to be… I’m glad that I finally did though.

I have added a small meditation that may help with your journey on the process of the triple aspect.

Start by finding a comfortable place. This is seating yourself in your favorite chair or even lying down, whichever is more comfortable for you. Ask The Goddess in her total form to protect you and be with you. You can visualize a white or golden light coming from your solar plexus chakra (just above the navel), and expanding to surround your body. Then take a few deep breaths to relax yourself and ease into the meditation.

Now close your eyes and picture the darkness of the universe, the void of the beginning of time. Everything is darkness. Ask to see spirit in her maiden aspect as she was in the beginning of the beginning. Once you see the maiden, see how she, with no known influences sought to learn to create, ask to see how she expanded her consciousness around her… now be her, be the maiden, feel that pure untainted perfection in wanting and learning through yourself to transform and blossom into the mother… now step back and behold the mothers creation of existence, with the use of the research and work done by the pure maiden… now let yourself become her. Allow yourself to create the great universe, feel yourself molding each and every aspect of that, that is manifest which comes to mind. When you are done being the great creator, step back again and watch as The Crone reflects on creation… now be her, see through the eyes of the aged spirit who has been the maiden; and been the mother…

When you have journeyed the triple aspect and you have been the Goddess in meditation, I hope that you will find Her within you and see that you are Her, she is you in everything that you do. Now go out into the world and be The Maiden, The Mother, be The Crone with perfection be The God’s and Goddess’s that you all are!

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