The Power of 11.11.11.


by Lynn Scheurell

Today is a very special day numerologically… November 11, 2011, or 11.11.11. There are different vantage points from which to see the gifts in today.

Before we do, note that last night was a full moon which will enhance whatever is happening for you right now. Moon magic requires you to be in your center, listen to your intuition and move with what inspires you.

On to how that fits with numerology…

Many people report seeing the number 11 or 11:11 all the time… on the clock, in a schedule, on their car radio… that’s a time marker that alerts you to notice what’s happening on the subtle energy level.

Think of it as a karmic post-it note that you sent to yourself to wake up to the bigger picture and be aligned with who you came here to be… it is helping you anchor what you know to be true in the moment.

To set the proverbial stage, 11 is the master psychic’s number and it focuses on intuition, spiritual truth, ideals and being a conduit for high vibration energy and insights.

It’s about making choices and decisions from a deep knowingness that transcends the surface ‘look’ of a situation, circumstances or relationship. (See the moon energy connection now?) ;=)

When you operate from that deep inner space, you’re following your unique insights, which is the only place to grow your life and inspire your essential creativity.

If you focus on the shortcuts, it only limits your growth and keeps you in 11’s shadow energy. If you find that to be the case in your life, the antidote is to know what you know and be responsible for it. That’s because 11 is about higher consciousness evolving through you.

So, the primary energy of 11:11:11 is naturally enough 1 energy, which is about leadership, new beginnings, fresh starts, pioneering, independence, self-awareness, consciousness, leading your own life and taking care of your own needs.

Since we live in a world of duality, where everything has its opposite, the shadow side of 1 energy includes selfishness, being condescending or arrogant, aggressive, egotistical and lacking tact.

(If you see this in someone else, have compassion because they’re in their shadow…)

Anyway, that means you’ll either feel inspired with clear insights and know exactly what to do OR you’ll feel confused, off-center and in overwhelm today. It depends on how closely you are living with truth in your life.

If the latter is resonating with you, use today to stop and look at your relationships, any situations that are causing you discomfort, anything that you need to say, any boundaries that need clarification, old or false obligations you’re laboring under… essentially, if you know a truth that needs more full expression in your choices and actions, consider this your invitation to do so. It may sound harsh to hear it but nobody else can take care of your life business for you.

The 1 + 1 energy of 11 is the number of connection – if you know that 1 + 1 equals two, but it doesn’t feeeeel right, it’s a sign that you’ve overlooked some details and your intuition is trying to help you connect the dots.

Obviously, 11 is made up of two 1s, which represents the 1 looking at itself (think 1:1 with the colon as the mirror). The 11 energy represents both the one person but also the ‘we’ that is formed by two.

In other words, you may reflect on yourself beyond the surface to the profound level of your being in order to cultivate self-acceptance. You may also see ‘the other’ with more clarity than ever before in yourself and others.

(Sidebar: 11 laid sideways is an equal sign… just sayin’…) ;=)

So, everything starts with the one, but it becomes a part of, and a reflection of, the other. In the largest sense, we as a species are evolving and the more we can contribute our individual clarity, the smoother our collective transition. By being aware of what you’re feeling, who you are from the inside out, what purpose you are here to uniquely fulfill, you make the world a better place.

There is also a “family” energy available here… 11:11:11 adds up to the number 6, which is the number of domestic responsibilities, home, family, stability, accountability and balance.

The 6 energy teaches how to make the ‘right’ decisions, to rise above small-mindedness and to see the hidden aspects of your priorities and decisions – they have to go beyond your own interests to include your “family” (whether biological or chosen).

There aren’t any quick fixes in the 6 vibration; instead, it’s about patience and taking time to let things grow (think about being a parent with a child).

In this energy, you are the parent – to shepherd positive growth, to teach, be a good role model, and be fully expressed from the inside out – for yourself and the people in your world.

This may require some healing from the inside out too, which means letting go of that which you know no longer serves you emotionally, physically, intellectually, energetically, spiritually. This is the time to release those old patterns and heal, as the power of profound insights supports your change.

Now, for the mathematicians reading this, November 11, 2011 is actually an 8 day (1+1+1+1+2+1+1). That is the number of big business and bold expression. For me, that means that whatever you know to be true for yourself is what is being broadcast through your business.

Think about that… if you are in scarcity, people will pick up desperation. If you are in clarity, people who aren’t will desire to work with you. We attract that which we are and your business is a megaphone sharing your frequency to potential and current clients… make sure your energy is clear so it’s a positive message.

May you discover your insights and illuminated path for yourself and your business by using the 11:11:11 energy today and beyond.


Lynn Scheurell


Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn Scheurell believes that business is your highest calling made manifest through service. By teaching the art of sacred entrepreneuring, she bridges the transformational gap that each business owner encounters in their journey toward conscious, and often dramatic, results.  By honoring your natural gifts and living to what really matters, all choices become a purposeful expression of personal destiny which creates dramatic results quickly in both life and business. Learn more at

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