The Occult Roots of Christian Propaganda


If you have not shaken off the remnants of Christian thinking, if you have a propensity towards credulity with what regards the “supernatural” (over and above the degree of natural intensity) and if this is accompanied by an irrational fear of the unknown or the mysterious workings of life, living, religion and spirituality, then refrain from reading ANY Christian tract on the Occult.

The writers of Christian propaganda and conspiracy theories purposefully use the unjustified fear of being influenced and exerted power over by others and or the natural things in life.  This is done with the aim to convert the reader to their way of thinking.  Let’s face it, there is no point in preaching to the converted!  Those whose hearts are filled with fears (who have not yet taken ownership of their successes and failures in life) and who nurture doubt in their fear-filled cores, are their primary audience.

In the years of finding and buying books on different forms of spirituality, religion and everything which surrounds these subjects, I have collected some “anti-everything” Christian literature.  Understanding their way of thinking became an important goal, especially when inter-religious work commenced for those of us involved in the Pagan struggle in our country. So I got hold of and read all I could get my hands on.

Last night, thinking about the current situation in our country, I ran my finger along my library shelves and pulled out volume 6 of a series written by Gordon Lindsay entitled “Satan, Fallen Angels and Demons”, published in Dallas, Texas in 1982.  In this work the writer analyses what he calls “various forms of sorcery”, the practices of the occult and witchcraft.  To quote him, “sorcery includes divination by astrology, soothsaying, fortunetelling, the interpretation of dreams, the use of divining rods, etc.”  As he intends it, sorcery includes the entire spectrum of psychic phenomena and the word “witch” is used to designate “spiritists, mediums, psychics, sensitives” and to assist them in gaining “more respectability for their professions”.

He elaborates further saying that occultists operate through levitations, trance working, materialization of things, clairvoyance, ESP, automatic writing, telepathy, black and white magic, devil worship, idol worship, juju, voodoo, fire-walking, and  postulates that all of these happen through the powers of demons.

He reminds the reader of the Mosaic injunction, sternly warning the righteous to have nothing to do with the occult, for those who entertain these demonic delusions and who whore after familiar spirits and wizards will be cut off from the People of God.  (Leviticus 20:6).  The penny dropped.  The practice of ostracizing and banishing those you disapprove of, is very much an old tradition indeed.  There are of course more violent phrases, like “suffer not a witch to live”, which justified and spurred the Burning Times and the genocide that has reached pandemic proportions throughout the African Continent, Muslim Countries, India and other more remote parts of the world.

Can the casting out of demons , turning water into wine,  raising the dead, making the blind see, et-al, be termed  “Jesus Magic”?  And what constitutes magic and miracles?  Is there any difference, any defining line?   Was the address of Simon by Peter in Acts some form of black magic working or curse (Acts 8:20-22), “Thy money perish with thee”?  It certainly sounds like it to me.  And what was the difference between Elijah and the Witch of Endor?  Gender?  Was prophesy by some more acceptable than divining by others?  Was cursing by some, more acceptable than cursing by others?  And was the deciding factor prejudice?  Perhaps!

The more I ponder, the more I realize that the practice of false accusation and the logic behind acceptable cursing were old Hebrew customs that the early Christians adopted and held very close to their heart, probably closer than the Teachings of the Nazarene.  Paul called Bar-Jesus of Paphos  “a child of the devil”, making him instantly blind in his condemnation of him.

On page 17 of Lindsay’s volume 6 this is elucidated by the words “at the same instant a judgment of blindness came upon the man.  Thus a precedent was set, justifying (please note this word) direct action against those who attempt to ply the black arts against preachers of the gospel.  The scathing denunciation that the apostle Paul gave him, indicates God’s condemnation of all those who practice these arts.”

The lies, deceit and divisiveness of the past ages are coming to a close under the current “Luciferian” Age of Information. The Apostles of the Piscean Solar Avatar relied and rely upon human ignorance and credulous nature, maneuvering, fabricating, perverting the faith and devotion of those who followed (blinded by the brightness of the New Apollo) and turning it into fanatical hatred and the justified condemnation of all the “different” stood for.  For if you are not for them, you are still against them.  They are like their God, intolerant of non-conformism and perceiving opposition where there is only difference.

And Isis allowed herself to be unveiled, revealing the duplicity and contrivance of the dominant religions of oppression and the promoters of ignorance, those who are still setting US up for their Armaggedon.

We do not want a Utopia in the Sky, nor a heavenly afterlife.  We want “At-One-ment” here, now!  We call for the prevention of this countdown to extinction that masquerades behind religious fervor and fanatical hatred and affords man the illusory right to rape, plunder, pillage and go to war in the name of a God “who so loved the world”.

The Bible is full of occult cosmology, secret language and imagery of the mysteries.  Jesus fed 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish.  The 2 fish are PISCES and the 5 loaves are the 5 smaller planets.  5 + 2 = 7, the seven planets, the seven days of the week.  Jesus the Son (Sun) of God breaks the multiplied 5 loaves and puts them in 12 baskets (or the houses of the zodiac/the constellations), and the Son (Sun) of God had 12 disciples too, as the year has 12 months.  The Sun takes 71.6 years (rounded off to 72) to pass through 1 degree of the Procession of the Equinoxes.  5 x12=72.  One Earth orbit around the Sun = 360 degrees x 71.6 years = 25776 years for the completion of the Procession of the Equinoxes.

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are none other than the planets:

1 –  the white horse on which rides one armed with bow and crowned  is Venus

2 – the red horse ridden by a warrior carrying a sword is Mars

3 –  the black horse ridden by one carrying scales is Saturn

4 – the pale blue and green horse ridden by Death is Mercury

The Dragon (Scorpio) pursues the Woman (Virgo) who births the Morning Star (the Sun).

Clearly this speaks not of future cataclysms, but of what has been happening above and around us since the beginning of time.  Why fill humanity with fear of the beauty, of the perfect order and natural expression of the Divine All?

The 666 (Mark of the Beast) corresponds to the sun rising at 6, reaching its apex 6 hours later, and setting in the West, 6 hours hence.  Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius, the 4 cardinal directions, 4 x 6 = 24, 24 hours in a day, 12 hours for the day, 12 hours for the night.  6 is half of 12.  Mathematical precision.  Harmony.  The Writing of the Divine across the All, evident again.

The Book of Revelations is about the Universal Mythos and cosmology.  Nothing more, nothing less!

For Pythagoreans the “hexad” was sacred, as it is the only number under 10 which is whole and equal in its parts.  In Hebrew Vau =6 or be it Eve, or Venus.  Mother Nature, whose footstool was the Moon, and who was crowned by the stars and cloaked by the planets of the Universe.  No wonder She was so vilified and demonized by the Church.

Intolerance, prejudice and bigotry have resulted out of this state of “not knowing”, this ‘Church-promoted Occultism’ that has hidden and outlawed astro-theology, archeoastronomy, astrology and all the other sciences equated by them with a sinister and evil entity created by their All-Seeing, All-Knowing God who failed at foresight, destroyed, expressed regret for the creation of mankind, yet allowed some to escape His judgment by water so that they could err again, so that He could offer his only Son for their ransom from the clutches of devilish Death which was His creation and their punishment for disobeying Him in the first place.

It is said that if the above Mysteries were revealed during the early days of Christianity, that the betrayer and his family would meet with persecution and sometimes an untimely death. [1] Nothing has changed.  There are millions of good-hearted Christians who are true followers of the Christ, those inspired by His message of Love and Neighbourliness. Some of the people of the Abrahamic God, those who have failed to hear the “voice cry out in the wilderness”, those who have failed to understand the message of the “Son of Man”, still dwell lost in the spiritual desert, giving themselves the right to judge and persecute the “neighbouring tribes” and dragging along the good hearted devotees through the employment of their faulty logic and the insidious guilt-fear, their own brand of occult misinformation.

I am not knocking Christians!  I believe, when it all boils down, we are ONE through many Ancient Traditions.  Take a long look at the Mysteries all over the world, take a long look at the similarities in the allegorical masks behind which hides the truth of the Divine Whole.  Stand up and speak against the orchestration and manipulation of the Real.  Say NO to Religious Prejudice!   ~ One God!  One Humanity!

Io Pan!


[1] the same applies to the Pagan Mysteries



Demons and the Occult – Volume 6  – Gordon Lindsay (1982)

The Christ Conspiracy – Acharya S  (1999)


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