The Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru – Discipline


The Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru are:




Fidelity (or Troth)



Self Reliance


Please note that these are my own interpretations!


Fifth – There is Discipline, or rather; Self-discipline.


Discipline can be approached from many different angles and the word itself finds its roots in teaching and learning.

Discipline is the ability to restrain yourself in emotional times, so that you can remain calm and in absolute control of your actions in any given situation – a hallmark of any good soldier.  Discipline is also the ability to carry out actions entrusted to you, or what you have oathed to do, regardless of the outcome and regardless of whatever the purpose is for doing so.  Discipline can be seen as the ability to correct yourself and your actions without any supervision.  Discipline can also mean that you have the self-control to pursue and keep true to anything which you undertake up to completion.

Self-discipline is self-control, self-discipline is self-education, self-discipline is strength of mind.

From the Hávamál;

“A wise counselled man will be mild in bearing
and use his might in measure,
lest when he come his fierce foes among
he find others fiercer than he.”

Self-discipline is your willingness to be steadfast and dedicated to completion of whatever (realistic) goal you have given yourself to achieve.  This means that you have to be hard on yourself.

Why hard?

Hard, because nothing worth achieving is easy.  An attitude of getting things done is needed.  If you feel the world owes you something, being a heathen is not for you.  If you feel that the world is against you, you are right! The world is against everybody, but the important question is, what are you doing in your life to push and fight back?  Are you willing to be disciplined enough to complete the tasks set before you, and to gain honour in doing so?

Once you have fought back and carved out your own way in life and gained honour as a steadfast individual, things that you previously thought of as hard will cease to be hard and new paths will open before you.

From the Hávamál;

“He must rise betimes who fain of another
or life or wealth would win;
scarce falls the prey to sleeping wolves,
or to slumberers victory in strife.

He must rise betimes who hath few to serve him,
and see to his work himself;
who sleeps at morning is hindered much,
to the keen is wealth half-won.”

Discipline means to do your tasks to the fullest of your capabilities and beyond the call of duty.  Self-discipline is teaching yourself to complete tasks. By tasks I mean studies, school, work, exercise, ceasing to overindulge in food/drink etc and so much more.  You may scoff and say; “But I hate doing these things!” or “I hate my work” or “School is for suckers” and “I like me some Mickie-D’s, so what if I have every day?” to which I ask;

Are you then too weak to do it?

Are you too weak of mind to not accomplish these things that those you think weaker than you seem to accomplish?

Do you not see that those that excel at education and their jobs and those that keep active and eat well, whether they hate it or not, excel and thrive?

Do you not see the honour they bring upon them and their kinsmen?

Are you blind?

Admittedly, discipline is the hardest of the NNV for me as I usually struggle to complete tasks I set for myself, but when I do – the joy and sense of accomplishment fills my being and I feel invincible!  I can do anything!  I AM THE GREATEST!  *ahem*

That great feeling is all due to self-discipline.

So ask yourself, are you disciplined?

Discipline and ones fidelity work closely together. Your discipline will provide the will-power needed by you to retain your fidelity, thus letting you grasp life by the horns and ensuring that you have a greater worth to contribute towards your own life and your community, thus winning honour for you and improving your Wyrd.

You must have the self-discipline to keep true to your principles and your virtues.  Your discipline must ensure that you stay true to heathenry, instead of falling to easier and less honourable paths.  Discipline is to stay true to the greater good of your spiritual community.

Discipline and order go hand in hand, are you willing to discipline yourself for breaking your own rules, your own order of things or the order of your community?  Are you willing to see that you have made mistakes and to accept disciplinary measures against you?  Are you willing to be taught?  Are you willing subjugate yourself in this way to gain wisdom and knowledge from your own failings?

You must be in total control of your resolve and focus.

Knowledge is power after all.

Hail, thou who hast spoken!

Hail, thou that knowest!
Hail, ye that have hearkened!

Use, thou who hast learned!

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