The Mystery of Science


I have always had an inquisitive mind. I like to know how things work and not just take them at face value.

If I think about it, I even did it as a child. Doing something as simple as taking apart a music box to see how it worked is one of many of my memories, it never really occurred to me that other children didn’t do these things, and I always did it in such a way that I could put the item back together. Needless to say, my father came to me first if any of his tools were missing.

This way of thinking has also helped me as an adult. When I look at business or investing I naturally take this approach, I want to know the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of everything. This is why, for example, I trade my own shares instead of going through a broker.

When I meet new people, especially in business, this mindset comes across as “how and what can I learn from this person?”

Science is no different to me. I never studied it beyond standard 6 (grade 8), probably because it didn’t intrigue me at the time.

With the world’s ‘new’ approach to mind, body and soul, the concept of quantum physics is used quite often. Not much scientific explanation is given and this concept is generally taken at face value.

The ultimate sales pitch is that it can help you change your life to the life of your dreams. The actual words ‘quantum physics’ seem important and based on trustworthy science (not that it isn’t) but for most people the words also appear to be too immense and confusing to actually look into it and the research that backs it.

Naturally with my approach to life this lead me to buy books on the subject. I started with books on research by Newton and Einstein, starting at the beginning of the research with light particles and waves and moving onwards from there. It was all fairly “simple” and straight forward, laying out the basics of what science is but what did all this have to do with life altering experiences?

I then came across a book called “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra. What he did in his book was take all the basic scientific research and the discoveries in quantum physics and compared them to Eastern Mysticism. Finally a picture began to form.

What I had now was scientific principles that had the same principle of Eastern Mysticism but what I didn’t have is how science had come to this conclusion of MIND entering into the picture.

Now how do we bring the ‘mind’ into the picture to prove that our minds, or will, can change our realities?

I then discovered a series of books written by Lyall Watson. He wrote a series of scientific books in the late sixties, early seventies, that although slightly outdated, I have found incredibly interesting.

In case you were wondering, yes these books are “light” reading for me. Strange but true. I can be captivated for hours in stories of scientific discoveries and I can say one thing for sure, the truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

Lyall Watson’s series of books starts with a book called “Supernature”. What he does in his book is take actual scientific studies that prove that the ‘Supernatural’ really is a natural occurrence.

You might be wondering what this has to do with quantum physics.

What Dr Watson does NOT do is go around discussing quantum physics and how it fits into everything. However what he does do with these case studies is prove how the mind and body is measured, usually via brainwave and electromagnetic technology (at least the type of technology built up until the 1970’s) and how these affect real life experiences.

He discusses topics from astronomy to the aura to psychokinesis and how we can affect ourselves and our environment with our bodies and minds and how it can affect us in return.

This leaves me with not only fascinating stories to tell but also a way of how science discovered and built up experience and proof that we can change our lives through thought.

One thing I can say for sure is that if they had told some of these experiments to high school students, science would definitely have been a very popular topic.

With all this reading and learning I often find myself pondering and putting ideas together. I don’t know if other scientists have pondered the same thing as me, I am sure one or two of them at least have.

So for entertainments sake (well as entertaining as science can be), I am going to share one of my own theories with you. Please note that although I got the basics from scientific research, the theory is my own and isn’t scientifically proven, as far as I know.

I want to have a look at the aura. Scientists have proven that there is a ‘shell’ of energy around us (usually egg shaped) and that it has electromagnetic properties.

When trying to decide exactly what the aura was made up of, they finally classed it as a type of plasma.

Plasma is a mass of electrons moving at a rapid speed. These electrons are so ionised that they have actually broken free from their atoms (promise these should be the only big words I’m going to use). Back in the 1970’s plasma was seen as a gas but since then science has classed it as a fourth element, fire, which is burning gas.

Now for my theory.

If we look at our auras as a fourth element this would mean that we have a metabolic system surrounding our bodies. Since it is also an electromagnetic field, this means that our auras alone are burning oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Though the aura surrounds our bodies, scientifically it isn’t seen as a part of our bodies, just something that surrounds us.

When we are injured or ill the aura above the area is usually hot or cold. Cold would mean that the aura in that area may be very weak, which means that part of the body would be ‘weak’ or functioning poorly. If the area is hot, this would mean a large amount of energy from the body is being used to heal itself in that specific area.

If the body is hot and the aura is hot in a specific area, surely that means there is something happening in the aura as well? My conclusion is that the body can heal itself from the inside out and the aura can help it to heal from the outside in.

If the area of the body and aura is cold and weak, this could mean the body is unable to heal itself and the person who is ill would need to seek medical attention.

And there you have it, my pondering mind. If you have any thoughts about this, or know of anything that can prove or disprove my ideas, feel free to let me know, I am always willing to learn.


Originally published on 21 October 2011


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