The Mono’s and the Poly’s… will the wars ever end?



So, we have this ongoing battle between the monotheists and the polytheists… It’s age old… it is! It has not stopped and in this article, I am completely unbiased, everyone is guilty of this!

So you hate the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews? You’re Pagan? Oh wow, okay you are really practicing that belief that we are all divine expressions aren’t you? I mean of course you are, the Divine really hates all ‘one God-ed’ people.

So you think that your next-door neighbor is a freak, a Satanist, Goth, who cares… they wear black and you ‘know’ that they are evil. You pray for protection whilst clutching your bible every night because they will sooner or later be coming to eat your soul. We all know your God…

I’m so tired of every single person that is guilty of climbing onto this fear gravy-train that it really makes me want to hurl. I refuse to be boxed into any mainstream form of belief because guess what… nobody knows they have the right answer and nobody knows if anyone is wrong.

Pagans… get a grip guys! Peace loving people my ass!  Attack this article all you want, please, I want your responses. I want to hear you scream and say that it is the Bible bashers that make your life a living hell… that you have the right answer and that the Bible is rubbish… really? Is it?

Christians… please keep your Bible close and practice that “do unto others as you would have done unto you” just like Wiccans practice “and harm ye none do as thou wilt”. It’s the same law.

I’m hounding Christians and Pagans because this bloody feud has been going on for centuries. We are entering a new era; a time where Love (Universal Love) is the whole of the Law. We are all Divine expressions and there is nothing more pathetic than reinforcing old wars. Would everyone please stop worrying about the rest of humanity’s beliefs and rectify their own? Would everyone first heal their own minds, bodies and souls and then attempt to help and heal around them?

Pagans, you are not the only ones that are right! You are not the all knowing and omnipotent walkers on this planet… you are human… you do have a better grip on the spiritual phenomena on this planet… but not even you have a cooking clue as to what is really going on… none of us do. If you taunt and provoke the other beliefs what do you think is going to happen? If anything, educating the masses needs to be done from a mature, loving, universal point of view. No one should be wanting to change anyone else, because no one has the key to absolute truth and really, if you think you do you don’t. We all have a fragment of the key and there will only be peace when and if we all start realizing this.

I can already hear the arguments “Oh but they don’t change, so why should I?” I believe wholeheartedly in that saying “be the change you want to see”. It all starts with you. Get off the fear or revenge train and start walking the path of realism and Divine Love. Don’t be a hater and then expect the world to love you because believe me, it is not going to happen.

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5 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    The true measure of religious toleration lies not in what you say, but in what you do. If “being the change you want to see” means using your voice to suppress, criticize or condemn others with whom you do not agree, you are not changing anything at all, but merely reinforcing division based on whatever reason you use to express your own personal prejudice.

  2. Stephen says:

    Well written Gigi,

    Helen I have always thought of religion as a spider web or dart board, when discussing issues of faith… no matter what the names are, or how many of whatever as long as the journeys end is the same center its all good…

    Christopher, why shouldn’t ppl go home with the opinions they came to the table with… Converting to a different faith is the same as not believing at all, live and let live, discuss and comment but don’t try and change…

  3. Christopher Blackwell says:

    I gave up the game a long time ago when I realized that at the end of it all, everyone goes home with the beliefs they came in with.

    Whatever the truth is, we as humans are not likely to know more than a small part of it and we have probably over done our own importance in the scheme of things.

    No the gods, whatever they may be, are not super sized super powerful humans nor do they have human emotions. I have no idea what their plan is for us if they even consider us at all. Who knows perhaps we are just here to provide food for the mosquitos, or a dwelling place for all those ever changing microbes.

    However I assume everything is here for a reason, whether we understand it or not. But I am always suspicious of people telling me that the gods want exactly what they want. That seems just a bit to egotistical to be true.

    Believe whatever you want, but allow me to do the same. The fact that you believe something different is no threat to my beliefs, just as long as you don’t try to force them on me. In turn I won’t force mine on you.

  4. Gigi says:

    Dear Helen,
    Exactly!! I totally agree with you!!! Thank you so much for the comment… Much Appreciated!!! Blessed Be!!

  5. Helen says:

    Thanks for writing this Gigi! The first and main conflict I encountered when I stepped on a Pagan path related to the definition of God which blew my mind a little as I did not understand the fuss. Often people don’t *really* understand what the words polytheist and monotheist mean anyway, so I don’t see the point in emphasizing them and using those words to separate one group from another. Our beliefs are really not that different in my opinion, we just use different words to describe them.

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