The Evil Eye – Malocchio

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by Olorin

evileye01Amongst the ancient beliefs of the world, and particularly strong in the Mediterranean world, “Malocchio” features as one of the most potent and terrifying gestures to mankind and various forms of it exist and are still feared and practiced today even in modern cultures – one reason, perhaps, why people don’t like being stared at.

Throughout the years scientists, philosophers and sceptics called the belief of the evil eye a foolish primitive superstition, even so The Evil Eye still continues to conjure thoughts, images and feelings of a very deep and primeval nature and will always have some effect on the unlucky recipient of this extremely powerful force.

The New Encyclopedia of Occult, by John Michael Greer, describes the Evil Eye thus:
“evil eye. In folk magic around the world, a cursing power that operates through the glance.”

History of The Evil Eye

The belief that there is a transmittal power of Evil existing in man, which can suddenly discharge upon any object it beholds, has existed since the time of prehistoric man. The origin of the belief is lost in obscurity but carried forward and documented during the time when Witchcraft and Magic long preceded the world of Science. Its existence was attested to in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the Bible and the classic Greek and Roman Writings. It was widely believed by the Ancients that certain envious or evil people could induce sickness and death merely by casting their Eye on another person. Its piercing force was reputed to be so powerful that it could infect surrounding objects.

In some folk traditions it is believe that “Malocchio” is a magical power deliberately used, while others maintain that it is inborn, automatic, and nearly unconscious. It brings bad luck, impotence, sterility, miscarriage, sickness, and death in various combinations. A wide range of amulets and protective spells are used to ward off the evil eye’s insidious effects, but more on that later.

Conditions Associated with The Evil Eye

The Moral Condition

The moral power is exercised by the persons will performing the consciously deliberate action created in the mind.

The Natural Condition

More terrible are those in whom the power of the evil eye is natural and whose destructive look unconsciously can produce harmful effects.

“Evil Eye” symptoms

1. Very painful and continuous head and back of the neck pains and a constant feeling of heavy eyes.
2. An acute uneasiness or apprehension: everything seems to go wrong.
3. Stomach ache accompanied with dizziness and a feeling of vomiting.

The above are preliminary conditions and without the aid of a healer can lead to worse conditions or even Death.

There are several methods or spells that can dispel the Evil Eye if one is inflicted… but they will not work for the inexperienced Magician and are highly complicated so I have instead mentioned a few techniques that have less chance of dangerously backfiring.

Ways to avoid or prevent the “Malocchio”

evileye02*It must be stressed these are simply techniques to avoid/prevent Malocchio they will not cure symptoms.

To protect yourself from the malignant gaze you reflect the evil back upon the ill wisher with the image of another eye.

This can be done in several ways:

1. Paint eyes on your walls, as the ancient Egyptians did,
2. On the bows of your boat, as fisherman still do in many countries,
3. Or wear a glass eye amulet, like the blue ones popular among tourists to the Greek Cyclades. These Greek eyes have blue irises, though blue beads, not necessarily made to look like eyes, will also give protection – hence all those blue faience beads on Egyptian mummies.
4. Hang blue beads in your house, on your pets and livestock, and wear them on your body.

Other effective ways of prevention:

Another effective amulet is the pattern of a hand, The Hand of Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter, which you may paint around the doorway of your house. Again, a blue colour strengthens the effect.
A pair of horns set up on the roof also offers defiance to such unknown enemies.
And to distract them you may make, or wear the representation of, a powerful or obscene gesture: the homed hand or “cornuta” gesture of Italy and Malta, or the “fig” sign in which the thumb is squeezed between the fingers.

Despite the fact that it has been around for so long there are actually very few cures to this ailment, the few that there are can be so complicated and dangerous they can often backfire or make symptoms even worse. This is not a simple curse and often leads to death so if you wish to protect yourself try the methods already mentioned, a very strong belief in and practice of the good and protective energy that mediation brings can also help.

So whether intentionally or unintentionally The Evil Eye or Malocchio is a highly dangerous and destructive force to be reckoned with, and much like the common cold, despite our best efforts it continues to evade destruction but can simply be prevented and hopefully cured.

Look after yourself, don’t inflict negative energy upon others (because this will surely attract it’s gaze) and keep a lot of good energy around you, be safe and many blessings upon you.

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