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I have always had a deep attraction to all that is esoteric, and in 2003 I began to question my religious views. I started off by studying and practising Chi Kung (Eastern Energy Philosophy) and gradually my interests grew as I practised. So much so, I moved onto the study and practice of lucid dreaming and astral projection.

By 2005 I had a completely different set of beliefs and all the bonds I had to my previous religion had been severed, mostly because my practices were considered ‘evil’, yet I knew I had found truth in my practice. I then met a man known as Grey wolf who introduced me to the Occult and opened my mind to the possibility of magick.

He taught me the laws and showed me many things. In turn, I started teaching the basics of what I had learnt to a select few. After many years of practice I had a small circle of friends who took their paths as seriously as I take mine. We were just a circle of friends who all shared a similar love, so we decided to make it official and start an order known as The Brotherhood. In 2012, during the Galactic Alignment, the Brotherhood preformed a very powerful ritual: we had a visitation from the Great White Brotherhood.

The Great White Brotherhood, also known as The Brotherhood of Light, or The Sisterhood of Light, is a Spiritual Order of Hierarchy and an organization of Ascended Masters, Angels, and Cosmic Beings united for the highest Service to God in all of Life. This Brotherhood and Sisterhood also includes Jesus the Christ, Gautama Buddha, Mother Teresa, and many Ascended Teachers of mankind. Additionally it includes members of the Heavenly Host (such as Archangel Michael)- the Spiritual Hierarchy directly concerned with the Spiritual Progress of our world- as well as certain unascended Students of the Light. What is important to note is that the word white refers not to race, but to the aura (halo) of the White Light of the Christ that surrounds the saints and sages of all ages who have arisen from every nation to be counted among the Immortals.

The Great White Brotherhood approached us, spoke with us and gave us a task. We are to start this Brotherhood here on earth, with the goals is of teaching the ancient arts and growing towards spiritual enlightenment. In this way our Brotherhood is the physical counterpart to the ancient immortal spirit guardians of earth realm, and we have dedicated ourselves to our spiritual goals.


Occult Heritage Month is a celebration not just of the various, and numerous, Occult paths, but of their beginnings and inceptions in South Africa too. It is a month dedicated to the rich esoteric history of all Occult faiths, paths, traditions and religions.

We want to hear your stories: how did you begin on your path, what are the origins of your tradition, how did your coven start out, what are the beginnings of your beliefs. We want to see your personal anecdotes, essays on religions, traditions and paths, information on how your group started and what makes it unique.

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