‘The Advocacy’ – Art for Human Rights


‘The Advocacy’ – Art for Human Rights

VENUE : White River Art Gallery
DATE: 16 March to 16 April
OPENING SPEECH: 16 March 13h00

“Against Prejudice and Violence”


The Witch-hunt is a centuries old tool of prejudice against society, in particular women. It is a form of genocide that is bound neither by ethnicity nor time and which continues to demand its victims across the world.

Witchcraft accusations, hangings, stoning episodes, burnings, beatings, hackings, banishing and forced relocations are common types of brutality and violence women in particular, are still subjected to in rural communities of South Africa. All too often, with epidemic frequency as a matter of fact, the disempowered (old women, children and men) are subjected to false accusations, brutal and abusive treatment at the hands of rural courts, superstitious and angry mobs who wish to purge their community of the “evil” amongst them.

Violence against women is at “crisis levels” throughout the various regions of South Africa. The South African Pagan Rights Alliance has run a yearly 30 days Advocacy Campaign against Witch Hunts since 2008 and this year have undertaken, in partnership with the South African Pagan Council, to coordinate an exhibition to highlight the problem and thereby make people from all backgrounds and walks of life aware of the negative impact of violence on elderly, often sickly women and children in particular.

“The Advocacy” is a collaboration of several South African Artists, united against the brutality of witch-hunts, a visual bid and appeal to the public, as well as Government, to engage in a drive for education, programmes geared towards addressing the culture of “scapegoating”, halting the abuse and persecutions, as well as working towards the upholding and strengthening of a culture nurture in the lap of Human Rights and Gender Equality as well as creating and building the support for victims and survivors of this form of social abuse.


Artists so far committed to the exhibit:

Majak Bredell

Judith Mason

Tamar Mason

The Artists Press : presenting works by
Colbert Mashile and Mmakgabo Sebidi

Damon Leff

Anthony Stakes

Luke Martin

Daniela Leigh

Mize Principe

* Issued on behalf of the South African Pagan Council in support of Touchstone Advocacy’s ’30 days of advocacy against witch-hunts’


TouchStone Advocacy
Advocating an end to witch-hunts globally.

Website: http://www.paganrightsalliance.org/30_days.html

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TouchstoneAdvocacy

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