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Inter-Faith Pagan Library for South Africa

Rev. LAURIE DENMAN. So if the international shipping cost is so great and the optimal facility doesn’t exist to house the Inter-Faith Pagan Library once it gets there, why are the Correllian-Nativist Tradition and our broader Pagan community doing this? Why not just collect books in South Africa? Both good questions! The exchange rate from Rand to US Dollars is very high. For every one US dollar the Rand equivalent is almost 9 Rands. Books written outside of South Africa can cost as much as 2 days worth of food for most people there. We can build a much broader library selection by collecting gently used books or even discounted new books within the US. The Correllian-Nativist Tradition promised the Parliament of World’s Religions that such an Inter-Faith Pagan Library would be established. This library is the fulfillment of that promise. Remember to see the change, you must be the change!