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Asatru: religion of the Asa

DAMON LEFF. An interview with Asatruan, Karl. “Broadly speaking, I believe that we ascribe to the idea of a religion that has its roots in pre-Christian Europe, we have come home to Asatru – the religion of the Asa – as it is the most complete of the very-rarely recorded European religions. As modern Asatruars we honour the lives and deeds of our ancestors, from the pre-Christian age as well as later. We honour the Disir – the spirits of the land, the waters, the stones and the sky for we have much to honour them for. We walk with the Asa and the Vanir, our pantheon of mighty and honoured gods – we honour them and bring them gifts. Those of us that have studied the old ways thoroughly will become proficient at galdr and seidhr magic.”