Stress and Spirituality


Today I sat in the warm sun, clutching my cup of coffee and watching the wind blowing in the trees. Small moments like these are what we miss during our stressful, busy worker-bee lives, even if we don’t realise it.

I have had a very tough past few weeks and I allowed so much energy from outside sources consume me that I actually really missed my spiritual self.

I realised this some time last week when I sat in bed with a migraine and a sore and tired body. My spirit felt just as tired. I wondered how I had let this happen since it really is not a part of who I am, I treasure my spirit and myself.

I know that I am not the only one guilty of this. Some of us spend hours every day in traffic to get to somewhere where we really don’t want to be. We let our jobs consume us and leave little room for the small things in life that make us happy.

Our inner strength is weakened when our Spirit isn’t fed and our inner selves scream at us. We must allow our inner self to say what it wants to say, don’t ignore him / her. You can do this through meditation or just sitting quietly for a moment and actually listening to the thoughts running around in your head. Amongst all the chaos in your mind there is something there that is so small yet so important and you might miss it simply because you did not listen.

Every morning I write in my journal. At least three pages of all the thoughts in my mind, allowing them to flow from me and onto the page. I am always amazed at how this helps me, I am often able to work through the chaos in my mind and find a small insight about myself. That small insight is something I would normally never have thought of, and if I did, I might have lacked the courage to face it.

Writing in a journal might seem like a silly thing that only teenage girls do, trust me I was extremely suspicious about the idea. After all, why would I want to keep a journal? Someone had suggested it to me and she decided to make a deal with me.

I was to write at least three pages, of anything and everything, every morning before I started my day and every Monday we could reflect together and see if I had discovered anything new about myself after a few weeks. So, I gave it a try.

Three months down the line and I’m still writing every morning in my journal. Sometimes it has been hard to wake up earlier than normal to do what seems like a trivial task. Sometimes I feel I have to force three pages of writing out of myself and on other days it just flows on to four or five pages.

One thing I can tell you for sure is, keeping a journal and starting every day by clearing the chaos out of my mind has been an amazing, life altering experience. I have found so much of me that I did not know was there and I have been able to move forward and stop being stuck in a present situation.

Here are a few questions I would like you to answer for yourself:

  • Do you feel stressed and over-worked
  • Do you feel like you are facing a situation that you cannot see a solution to?
  • Would you like the things you need in life to come to you?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above, then I want to dare you to keep a journal. Try it for just a month. Write three pages every morning before you start your day. You might even find answers to some questions you felt needed answering.

If you are as cynical as I was, then let me say this. Give it a try, what could you possibly have to loose? If you feel as if a journal has not helped you in anyway after a month (four weeks), then feel free to complain,, or in the comments section below.

If the opposite happens, and you find the pages immensely helpful then don’t stop after a month, just keep on going, make it a daily exercise for the rest of your life.

There is one rule though.

For the first two months (at least) of writing in your journal, whatever you do, DO NOT look back and re-read your pages. I’ve been writing for three months and I still haven’t looked back and I feel this may be one of the reasons I have been able to grow in my own personal capacity.

Over the past two weeks, with all the stress that seemingly consumed me, it was those daily journal entries that helped me to keep strong and grounded and I came out the other side with my Spirit and sanity in tact.

The only thing I have left to do now is to enjoy the small pleasures in my life. Having said that, I am going to go sit outside and watch the sun set on this wonderful, warm day.


This article was originally published on 3 October 2011


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  1. Marina says:

    I related to many things in this article! For more than one year I gave up almost everything spiritual (except divination) and lived as an agnostic, close to atheism sometimes. I know some people find real satisfaction in this path, but it was not for me – it’s impoverished my soul immensely!

    Right now I am trying to balance my day life with my spiritual life… I confess the latter ends up losing sometimes. There are days in which I am so tired when I go back home I lay on bed and cannot get up to eat, to read a book, to meditate… to anything. I feel sucked dry!

    I have kept a journal for almost 10 years, but I stopped writing on it last year… I wrote a few times this year… Maybe I should go back to it. My problem is that I’m perfectionist, and always go back to it, reviewing it, trying to make the text better etc. Perhaps I’ll try your way of journaling… just writing without reviewing, allowing the journal to be a real outlet.

    Thanks for this great article! 🙂

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