South Coast Pagan Moot

 Arias Fåglar

Small towns are funny things; magical things. We all have this romanticized idea of living in a little Liewe Heksie cottage complete with white plaster walls and thick thatched roof, nestled in a grove of gnarled trees, tall grass cut only by a neat, well worn foot path that leads to a welcoming stable door.

Flip the reality switch and we find ourselves nestled between the nearby highway, the sounds of trucks breaking a tad late for the toll gate at Oribi Plaza, the screech of tyres coming from the Dezzi raceway on the hill over Drift Weekend and Harding road’s inevitable tirade of sirens between Port Shepstone and Industrial Marburg. Ah humanity. You suck buddy, big time.

Where is the sea? The Sand? The majestic beauty we go on and on about? It’s there I tell you. Being a small town transplant, it was my personal mission to find and keep these very things near and dear. I sought them out, even created a website to keep track of all that is wonderful, natural and spectacular about the KZN South coast.

Then I went looking for my fellow Pagans. The stories that came out of this search were wonderful, entertaining and frightening. Stories that included the elusive “family” of witches in Hibberdene who no-one ever seemed to have actually met in person, the obligatory “satanic” group that met on Ramsgate beach, (turned out to be local African tribal adherents with their walkie-talkie offerings and black candles) were all we could find until, long into the search, we finally managed to connect with the real people of the Pagan persuasion.

Ah there you are. The real people. Pagans at heart, working hard for their families, no time for nonsense and drama, just getting on with their lives. Not much into living in one another’s robe pocket, nor invading each other’s sacred spaces or ritual circles, but there they were. We discovered local Pagans hungry for social contact. So with the help of a few key people, we started to organize a monthly Pagan Pub Moot.

Besides the few coffee evenings at Mugg & Bean Margate, cocktails on the Umzimkhulu River and the one time Quiz team entry on Pub quiz night at the Village Tav (we were called “The Heathen Horde” if memory serves correctly, we didn’t do too badly either I will have you know), we had yet to find a way of getting a regular moot going.

So in May 2015 we all met at the local baker’s shop, Lilly’s Bread Bin, in Margate for Bunnies and Beer.  And that’s where it all started to go well for us.

May Moot with the South Coast Pagans at Lilly’s Bread Bin, Margate

July we decided to try a different venue. Treetops café in Sebenza Village was suggested; key deciding factors were affordability and a valid liquor license. (lol) Up up up in the tree tops we went, picked a table right in the very top of the trees for a big coffee and homemade lemon meringue pie.

July Moot with the South Coast Pagans at Treetops Café, Sebenza Village, Ramsgate

Moots are always interesting. A chance for us to reconnect with our Pagan friends and sometimes, we get to meet new ones too. At the Treetops moot, Turu and I arrived early (as usual), and on getting out of the car, discovered a brand new gift shop decorated with pixies, dragons and other bright and shiny things that caught my Pagan eye. Wouldn’t you know it, owned and run by a Pagan, recently transplanted to the coast from Gauteng. Welcome to the South Coast Mel! Hoping your new venture, Dragonfly Gifts does really well.

I’m not sure if it’s the same in other places, but South Coast Pagans are pretty private and we can go for MONTHS knowing a Pagan online without actually meeting in person. Yvonne from Tree Huggerz Silversmith  was just such a person. So nice to finally meet you in person Yvonne.

For those of you who are on holiday on the KZN South Coast, you are also more than welcome to join us for a Moot if you are in the area at the time. We are happy to welcome all “friendlies” of any path, however we insist on everyone being nice to one another.

Quite simple really. So far we have been blessed with some awesome meet-ups and hope to have many more in future.

South Coast Pagans meet once a month (usually the first Saturday of the month). Notices are usually posted on KZN Pagan Network or you can email me directly for info

Bring some money for whatever you order.

So you see, we discovered our own bit of magic. The Sun, the sea and the awesome natural beauty of the South Coast  existing side-by-side with the little bustling CBDs and industrials while finding our Pagan selves and connecting with kindred spirits two. I think we may be close to having it all.


KZN Pagan Network Facebook group (admin checks that requests are from people who actually live in the KZN province)

South Coast Pagan Social Facebook group (admin checks that requests are from people who actually live in the South Coast area, Amanzimtoti to Port Edward and inland Oribi & Paddock areas).


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