Self-discovery in the Divine Science of Triads and Dodecads


Lift up your eyes and know what lies within … Join me in the mystical flight to Olympus …

Out of the thrice unknown Darkness, came the All, the ever-expanding Point, as well as Time that passes but never ages and which brings forth the One-Many-All. The Universal Good, the Universal Soul, the Universal Mind in which All is known.

From the Night containing the Dragon of Wisdom, comes the vestibules of the Good, the Triad (Trinity), the Bound (Hyparxis/ the Father), the Infinite (the Mother /Power), the Son or the All, and through realization, in the celestial arch, the Kingdom of Adrastia is. The manifestation of beauty, truth and symmetry happens ad continuum (without a beginning and without an end). The Abiding, the Proceeding and the Returning. Cronus, Rhea, Zeus.  Zeus, Poseidon, Hades.  Oceanus the separative Deity.

The supercosmic celestial and planetary spheres unfold into the Demiurgic Triad:  the Celestial Jupiter (Jupiter), the Marine Jupiter (Neptune) and the Subterranean Jupiter (Pluto).

The  Zoogonic Triad unfolds into Corybantic Triad: Coric Diana, Coric Proserpine, Coric Minerva.

The Apollonian Triad is Apollo the Triple Son/Sun: Superessential Light, Intellectual Light, Sensible Light.

All of these form the Supercosmic Order.

The Liberated order (dodecad) is comprised of the Jovian and the Vestian Monad.  The decad is completed by Apollo (the prophetic life), Mars (the divisive life) and Venus (the amatory life).

Enter the Cosmic Order or Dodecad:  the Fabricative Triad (Jupiter, Neptune and Vulcan), the Defensive Triad (Vesta, Minerva and Mars), the Vivific Triad (Ceres, Juno and Diana), and the Harmonic Triad (Mercury, Venus and Apollo).

Man is a mirror of the Universe, containing in himself all the potencies and qualities of his Genetrix and abode.  Were this a false statement, then the attainment of Wisdom and reunion with the Divine One-All would be impossible. Proclus wrote that Theology, as we westerners understand it is the brain child of the Orphic Mystagogy. Orpheus describes the powers and the modes of the energies so that the most important journey of all, the Journey into Self, may take place.

We are all familiar with Greek Mythology and the anthropomorphic entities which represent the higher and lesser powers, Gods that that symbolically engage in incest, jealous crimes, rape, infanticide, cannibalism, deceit, as well as all the other hidden interactions that represent nothing more than the workings of the Universe.  Above and Below.  The neophyte has to traverse these very realms of existence and be tried in the fire of their qualities for the period it takes the Sun to walk along the 12 houses of the Zodiac, or spheres of influence (a year and a day) before being acknowledged as an Initiate.

Everything is hidden beyond the veil of divine mystery and the theomythias (Divine Myths) give us the keys to the realm of Understanding and birth into Complete Awareness.

The planets are fixed in luminous ethereal spheres called holotes (wholenesses), each sphere containing its own presiding divinity which mimics the characteristics of the sphere.  Many divinities inhabit this sphere with the presiding divinity.  Each sphere/planet contains the dodecad (all 12 divinities) which display the same characteristics of the sphere, solar in the sun, lunar in the moon and so forth.  The planets are therefore, simply the heavenly symbols of these spheres.

The human Soul is immortal.  Of divine and titanic origins the Soul lives in the body for thousands of years and out of it forever.  The body is the tomb of the Soul, its prison, wherein the war against the titanic nature takes place, life after life until in possession of the inner keys, rid of the chains of Ignorance, just, tried and found to be trustworthy and not lacking, slow to dispute, eyes shut to the mundane, but wide open to the Ultimate Illumination, a Self Realized Luminary in the obscurity of sensory illusion.   It transcends materiality and is freed into the One-Many-All.

Twelve the Labours, twelve the Planets, twelve a Dodecad. To remember the Soul’s Inborn Knowledge is our Herculean Labour in this lifetime and the next, until in our attainment of the Universal Good, the attainment of the Universal Psyche as well as of the Universal Mind, we are delivered from the madness of ignorance and the barbaric conditions it imposes on the world around us.  Liberated we embark upon the Beyond and All; the Nothing, the Immortal Adeptic State.

Here are the twelve stations of the Cosmic Round and the Mystery of the Precessional Keys:

  1. The quickening of one’s evolutionary state within, the Initiate inside the Temple of the Mysteries, the transmutation of the base tendencies  into the gold of Virtues
  2. The Mastering of the latent powers, the projection of thought energies and the taming of the internal Beast, the birth of the Hero or Saviour Within
  3. The attainment of intellectual and spiritual heights:   Will, Wisdom and Illumined Intelligence, the ultimate surrender of self-gratification , qualities within conquered.  The Hero outgrows personal limitations
  4. Transformation of the porcine physical expression into the language of the Sovereign Self
  5. Awakening to the Inner Life, discovery of the True Self, the unwavering embarking into the adventure of Spiritual Evolution.
  6. On the Path of Swift Unfoldment the hidden seeds of self-conceit and satisfaction may be reawakened.  Courage and an impenetrable mind are the aspiring adept’s only defenses against the rising marsh of ego and desire.
  7. The allegory of transmutation is finally understood and the capture of the Beast within is completed.  The Beast is tamed and set free as an offering, the Sacred Symbol of Mastery attained.
  8. Courage beyond mortality, the Initiate no longer feeds on his own flesh.  He has the Might and Skill of the Adept, Spiritual Wisdom the fare he places before himself and those who sit at the table of his Communion.
  9. His expression is that of one who speaks in the Sacred Language of Allegory and Symbols.
  10. Transcending emotional  nature (indifference/detachment), cessation of warlike spirit, demonstrations of supra-human qualities, placid countenance, acquisition of additional powers, the Kiss of the Serpent, interior empowerment, perfection achieved in the full stature of Adept.
  11. The ability to obtain the fruit of Wisdom and Conscious Awareness without being trapped in formal thoughts.  Formless Consciousness and the ability to guide One-Self through the state of Nothingness and the control of the elements  (fire/desire, water/emotion, earth/materialism and air/earth-bound thinking)
  12. To sit upon the Throne of Forgetfulness remembering,  to cross the River Styx (the River of No Return) after drinking from the Fount of Mnemosyne (Memory) in the Underworld of Me-isms , to be blessed by Athena with the blessing of unadulterated, pure thought.

This is what awaits the Adept-in-Becoming before he may be received into the Halls of the Gods and become one of the Immortal Olympians.  Ita Est!



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