SA Pagan Council National Call for Rain

As the Pacific continues to warm due to both climate change and the strongest El Nino effect ever recorded, six of South Africa’s nine provinces are experiencing drought and the country faces its worst water shortage in 23 years.

Three provinces have already been declared disaster areas and water restrictions are being enforced in several cities. An estimated 2.7 million households, about 18 percent of the population, are being affected by the drought, according to the Department of Water Affairs.

The average maize yield is at its lowest since 2008, threatening an increase in food prices. Our country’s farmers are estimated to lose up to R10 billion this year. KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State, Limpopo, North West and the Northern Cape, where farmers grow maize, soya beans and sunflowers, have already incurred major losses.

In response to this crisis, the South African Pagan Council has called on all South African Pagans to participate in a National Call for Rain and is urging Pagans wherever they are to assist in performing a rain ceremony on Sunday 15 November.


The South African Pagan Council have asked its members, Pagans and Spiritual Folk all over South Africa, as well as those who know about this day abroad, to join us, as we pray for rain on the 15th of November 2015 at 18:00 SAST. Our country is facing a drought and this means suffering for all living things and death to many. Many of our cities have had water rationed for the next 100 days and will be in dire straits if it doesn’t rain. The natural underground water reserves are running out and rivers, like the Crocodile River, once mighty water courses, have ceased to flow. We thank all those who have assisted us in spreading the word and all those who will join us in this call to action on Sunday, to bring relief to the people and animals of our country and continent. Blessings & Gratitude

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The Pagan Council has released the following suggested ceremony.

Call for Rain

Sit quietly in your garden or temple room, on 15 November at 18:00 and think that Pagans all over SA as well as those who know about this day’s event abroad, will join us as we pray for rain. Our country is facing a drought and this means that suffering and destruction for all living beings.

Meditate on how selfish and unappreciative we have been for the gift of Water. We have wasted it and treated it without regard. Make a silent commitment to change this harmful pattern and to assist others in doing the same. Go outside with a chalice of water and think about making it rain. Slowly sprinkle its contents around you, pour the rest of the water out onto a solid surface whilst repeatedly chanting: “NAMO GWAN SHR YIN PU SA”

NAMO means “homage,” and PU SA is short for “Bodhisattva,” a being who is enlightened and who enlightens other beings. GWAN SHR YIN, whose Sanskrit name is Avalokitesvara, is the Bodhisattva who embodies infinite compassion. The Bodhisattva Gwan Shr Yin is the compassionate Mother of everyone.

The many hands and eyes and arms represents the Bodhisattva’s ability to rescue all living beings from any circumstances, anywhere. Gwan Shr Yin Bodhisattva responds to invocations, and that anyone who is sincere will obtain a response, and relief from pain and difficulties. Gwan Shr Yin is particularly indicated in the case of praying for rain.

Do your one hour of invocation and recitation and then repeat the mantram every time you remember during the course of your day. Go indoors, light a light blue candle and wait for it to rain. Even if it just drizzles a bit, your prayer has worked.

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