‘S.A. Prayer Movement for Change’ a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Minority ReviewDon’t be fooled by the S.A. Prayer Movement for Change. They’re not praying for peaceful elections; they’re praying for the violent destruction and suppression of identified religious and gender minorities.

In what amounts to a written declaration of intent to bring physical and spiritual harm to identified religious minorities, the prayer agenda referred to in a recent Gateway News article [0] is effectively a call to South African Christians to wage war against “altars on the land that are against God – ancestral worship, witchcraft, sorcery, freemasonry, Islam, New Age, Satanism etc.” (sic) [1]

Witches may snigger (at first) at the instruction on prayer (essentially a cursing of identified target groups) offered by Pastor Laurette Mkati, Prayer Coordinator for S.A. Prayer Movement for Change. “In the morning watch – command the dawn to take hold of the ends of your territory and shake the wicked out.  Call upon the Lord to arise and break the arm of the wicked, to search out their wickedness until there is none – the arm of idolatry, witchcraft, corruption, sexual immorality etc.” (sic) [2]

Of course anyone who does engage in any form of religious belief other than that sanctioned by Pastor Mkati would be justified in being just a little perplexed as to why our existence should in any way prevent Pastor Mkati and her followers from peacefully practicing their own faith in a multi-religious secular country? We may also be wondering what worshiping one’s own Gods, practicing one’s own religion, or being gay or lesbian or heterosexual has to do with government corruption. Is Mkati implying that Jews or Witches or Drag Queens are responsible for Nkandla-Gate?

Mkati says she believes that the ANC government has been seduced by “the New Age / Illuminati”, who have apparently “established their wicked agenda causing us to rebel against God through our secular humanist constitution and legislation that directly contradicts God’s word”.

“Likening South Africa’s experience over the past 20 years to that of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness with the promised land before them, she [Pastor Laurette Mkati] says: “It is time for us to raise up a cry until there is a Moses company, who will take deep times in prayer with God to get His pattern for the building of this nation according to His specifications, a Joshua generation who will mobilize the royal priesthood, the church of Jesus Christ, to take up the ark of His presence and the rod of His authority, step into the troubled waters of our communities, and lead the people into the promised. A generation willing to fight, not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of darkness, especially the New Age/Illuminati, who have seduced the government of our nation and established their wicked agenda causing us to rebel against God through our secular humanist constitution and legislation that directly contradicts God’s word. A generation who will not keep silent day or night before God or before the people of South Africa until we have returned to the Lord and forsaken our wicked ways. Then our God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins and heal our land.” [Gateway News]

In other words, Mkati does not like the fact that under South Africa’s current constitution, LGBTI persons and members of other faiths have constitutionally protected human rights. Like other revisionist fascists before her, Mkati would prefer to reserve the right to be treated justly and fairly only for herself and her own special conclave.

As a Witch, your second attempt to snigger at Mkati’s hubris may, like mine, end in a disapproving tut. Who does this Christian think she’s cursing exactly? I would never tolerate someone on Facebook telling me they’ll break my arm every morning until I convert to their religion, so why would I even consider smiling at the thought of a Pastor threatening God’s wrath upon my household and livelihood?

If I were to call upon Witches throughout the country to counter-curse Pastor Mkati (using nothing but Pagan prayer), would I be guilty of breaking the law? According to the investigative mandate of the SAPS Occult Crime Unit, categories of “occult crime” include curses intended to cause harm, the practice of voodoo or magic intended to cause harm, and spiritual intimidation including astral coercion.

Is inciting the general public to psychically and spiritually attack Witches, Freemasons, Muslims, Pagans, Esoterics and Satanists through Christian prayer protected under the constitutional guarantee to religious belief? Are curses by Christians not equally actionable under the same law that seeks to prevent Witches from exercising their religious magical practices? If not, is it because Christian curse prayers are ineffective, or because they are sanctioned by the state?

Obviously the solution to South Africa’s very real problems is not a return to dark age revisionist shenanigans as proposed by Pastor Mkati and Gateway News. We need less religious interference in the business of government and governing, not more! One need only look to Uganda for an example of what a single faith hegemony would look like in this country if we allow people like Mkati to have things her way.

Our own politicians have been blurring the lines between statehood and religion far too often for us to feel at all complacent about the future continuation of our country as a strictly secular democracy. Religion is already sleeping with our President at High Manger Nkandla, and Jesus already has the highest office in the land in the palm of his pastoral hand according to the ANC’s most rabidly fascist supporters.

This Witch is not interested in living in a Christian republic! If you feel the same way, irrespective of your sexual orientation, faith or atheism, please join me in roundly dissing Mkati’s Prayer Movement for Change by supporting a campaign to reinforce a strictly secular government. Let’s end any and all attempts to create or support a Christian oligarchy in South Africa with a collective revolutionary curse against evangelical religious fascism.

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[0] Call to fast and pray for elections
Gateway News | 2 April 2014

[1] [2] Source: SA Prayer Movement for Change – Prayer Strategy for SA Elections 2014 – by Pastor Laurette Mkati
Gateway News


Our state is secular so stop bringing religion into everything
Christopher Blackwell | iLIVE | 26 March, 2014


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