Review: Skaldic Tales by Glenn Bergen

by Green Owl

Skalds were poets, musicians, advisers, teachers and most importantly they were the oral historians who preserved the knowledge of their race very much like the Welsh Bards and Gaelic Ollaves did for their Celtic counterparts. Kings worried what Skalds would say of them, and very often, they were the ones who judged a man’s character as being a hero or villain.  By their recitations of their stories, they passed the entire record of their people from one generation to the next until such time that this knowledge was recorded in writing.  Because of them, we know of heroes, villains, family genealogies, wars, religion, social structure and origin.

Skaldic Tales V1 by Glenn Bergen

Skaldic Tales V1 by Glenn Bergen

Skaldic Tales V1 by Glenn Bergen

Published by Saga Press, ISBN-13: 978-0986497223 and ISBN-10: 0986497223

Available at Amazon  and

In “Skaldic Tales” Glenn Bergen masterfully brings this ancient tradition to life with a new spin on some of the well-known sagas and the introduction of two modern tales.

The book “Skaldic Tales” features 12 short stories reminiscent of the old Nordic sagas and will appeal to both Heathens and non-Heathens alike. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them – waging battle against the dwarves besides the Goddess of Winter and her wolf pack in “Skadhi and the will of the warrior”, attending Freyr and Gerd’s wedding and watching how the All-Father deals with unruly children in “The Gifted One”; just to name a few.

The last two tales “Temple of their own” and “Temple divided”take place in the 21st century and show the challenges of a group of Asatru kindred to be accepted in a small town in the USA, not only by the Christians but among themselves. One specific scene brought literally tears to my eyes: it shows what unity of all People, no matter what path we follow can achieve.

This book is best enjoyed next to a fire with a horn of mead in your hand or read it aloud to your children to teach them that the “9 Noble Virtues” are still valid in our modern times. Hail to the Gods!

About the Author:

Glenn Bergen never intended to become an author. However, the gods just would not leave him alone. He travelled to Iceland in 2009, where the gods followed and it became clear to him that his life was about to change. Twenty two stories and 152 poems later, this fellow heathens began to ask him when he would publish. It was not until a fellow heathen author offered to help him get his works in print, that “Skaldic Tales” was born.

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