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I don’t often get to review fiction, but being that I am a great fan of the genera and find comfort in the escapism that fiction allows I was thrilled to get the chance to review this collection.

Hugh. B. Long

Author Hugh B. Long whom also writes as Eoghan Odinsson is one of the finest independent authors that I have the fortune of knowing. The stories included in Incipient Tetrad are so different from one another but yet still seamlessly weave together that the reader is not jarred out of one story and into another but gently persuaded to change rhythms.

The short stories contained within the book do show a depth of both character and plot development that give each story the feel of a full length novel. Each story is so unique that I thought it would make more sense to rate each one.

The Yggrasil Codex

In this life there are a great many profound questions that have yet to be answered: Are we the first intelligent life in the universe? Why are we here? Man continues to ask these questions, apparently to deaf heavens. But what if someone, or something, did answer? In the short story The Yggdrasil Codex, two University researchers stumble upon an incredible secret encoded on ancient Scandinavian runestones. Their discovery leads them into the world of modern code-breakers and ultimately leads to a revelation with galactic consequences!

This short story will appeal to those who are fans of the Sci-Fi genera. To me it was a cute little story with a nice mix of historical elements, common language and a bit of crazy fantasy thrown it. I would give it a 4.5/5.5

Let Sleeping Draugs Lie

It’s Erik Ragnarsson’s first summer raiding season. With his new ship Ottar, and his very own crew, Erik sets out for glory and wealth. A freak storm blows them off course and when they make landfall, things are not as they seem. Erik and his foster brother, Arndt, must work together to battle fellow crew, and a great evil stalking the island!

This story was one of my favorites of the book. I don’t want to give away too much but if you like zombies this story has what you like. I would give it a 5.5/5.5 for excellent story and plot development with really interesting twists.

Incipient Tetrad by Hugh B. Long

I’ll Buy You The Moon

A selfless girl sacrifices everything, struggling to survive in a gritty dystopian future in order to fulfill her little sister’s one dream – to see the Moon. Most people would agree that there are limits to what you can own; owning other people is forbidden, at least in the modern world. But what about everything else? We can own the land, the minerals underground, as well as the sea (within a set number of miles of sovereign territory). But what about the sky? Or even the moon? In a dystopian future, Mega Corp has covered the globe in a shell, blocking the entire view of the sky. In this world, two sisters share a simple dream – to see the moon in the night sky. Warning – make sure you have a box of Kleenex or tissues while reading this story!

I would agree on the box of tissues comment. I was not expecting to get so emotional over a short story but I did. This was my other favorite of the collection. The story is haunting and beautiful and does evoke a lot of emotion in the reader. 5.5/5.5

Crime & Punishment

For thousands of years society has imposed various punishments for what they define as crime. Laws and their enforcement are the foundations of a stable civilization. So what constitutes a crime? And for the most heinous crimes, what’s an appropriate punishment? In the short story, Crime & Punishment, the lives of two individuals collide: The first, a devious criminal called Vargr, and the second, an ordinary man named Charles Wilson.

The book ends with an interested twisted tale of morals. I found the story an interesting ending for the collection. It seemed to start with a twist of fantasy and sci-fi and end with a harsher more robust tale that brings one full circle. A definite 5.5/5.5


All in all the collection provides a wonderful collection of stories that all fans can enjoy as it contains a bit of everything. I would highly recommend this collection which is available here:


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