Pyramid Thought-form Amplification and the Rune Ingwaz.



IMG-20131127-00366Here is a method of spell creation I was taught by my first magical teacher, it represents a very strong method of spell working or in enchanting of talismans/amulets. I do not know who to credit for the original idea though.

The idea of the pyramidal shape as a thought form amplifier is not new of course but the pyramid can actually have runic significance and its power corresponds closely to that of the rune Ingwaz – the god Yngvi-Frey or Freyr, male sexuality and orgasm and the potential power inherent in the “seed”. Ingwaz is a rune of fertility and potential power. Like the male sexual energy it builds up towards a climax before release. Ingwaz can be used to store energy in a potential state and “store” it for release at the appropriate time. Of course if there is any credence whatsoever to the claims of the 70’s fad of “pyramid power” that is another bonus. Apparently, pyramidal shapes could speed recovery in healing, could sharpen razor blades, help in preservation of food etc. Having a symbolic and runic explanation actually adds another layer to the idea. The claims of pyramid power have little scientific basis but its use as an amplifier of thought-forms is worth considering, taking into account my explanation of symbolism from a runic perspective as well.

Form a pyramid from cardboard or other material and produce four equilateral triangles using a compass and ruler. Cut out the pieces and put them together. When unfolded and flat you will see two Ingwaz runes. Once the chamber is assembled you have a so-called “incubation chamber”.

Cast a circle and write or carve runes you wish to use on appropriate wood, paper or other material. Colour the runes and also state your intent as you trace each rune over the item with a wand or athame. Fold the paper or place the object within the pyramid. You may want to make a base on which to place the pyramid and on which you can move it for easy transport. You can write appropriate symbols on the pyramid’s sides if you so choose.

For positive workings in general, use the south-east corner of the pyramid. For workings of a more negative nature use the north-west. Use SE for healing for instance, say using the runes Uruz, Sowillo, Kenaz and Laguz. You can place components of the recipient with the item and within the pyramid. You can even have a small poppet in the pyramid for the person you intend to heal.

I like tracing Ingwaz over the pyramid at every sitting of the working. “I store the power of the mighty runes, here may they grow in strength and might”. Now interlock your fingers into a kind of hand mudra consisting of a hand-finger chain. Start singing and chanting the rune names and add Galdor sounds if preferred. Chant the spell over and over. Build up power within the hands. When done direct all the power into the corner of the pyramid. Of course, while chanting you may want to see the “end result” and your intent as complete.

The power of this method lies in storing the energy and building it up for a stronger kick. You can work for a nine-fold period. Nine days, Nine Moons, Nine-months, Nine-weeks, Nine years etc. Or Nine days during the waxing or waning moon up to either full or new depending on your intent. For best effect you do have to work at this daily and daily add more power to the spell and also stating that you wish to store and build the power. On the day you wish to “send” the spell. Take out the paper/object and now burn it. You can do with the ash what you like. Throw it in the wind or pour it where it should work. You can mix it into food or drink if for healing (assuming you used non-toxic materials). A powerful method is to mix ash and old wax and make it into a candle for a final directing.

If the item is supposed to serve as a talisman/amulet and have a more ongoing effect rather than a spell casting, some additional steps are required. It is a common technique in magic to “conceal” amulets/talismans, during creation and then bring them forth into light and life – similar to an initiation ceremony. You then sprinkle the talisman/amulet with water and move it through incense or a candle flame. In this context it refers to the Nordic elements of creation and also the “naming ceremony” Ausa Vatni, where a child is sprinkled with water. You can “name” the talisman/amulet in order to give it a sense of purpose/volition (almost like a servitor, naming an object and treating it as if alive is an important magical technique in servitor creation or object animation).

Remove amulet/talisman from pyramid, sprinkle it with water and say something like “I sprinkle thee with water and name thee Healer of N. Bring healing to N”.

Move it through fire. “Now sparks of fire with speed spew forth. Lend thy quickness and thy life”.

Trace a triple circle around the talisman/amulet. “Rune-might hold the mighty runes, whole may they work my will”. This stores the power and prevents discharge or interference while you can add to its energy if ever needed.

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