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Over the past month the Vampyre Academy, a South African group attached to the South African Vampyre Aliance (SAVA), posted two polls and one short survey. The results of these are now in, and are the subject of this article. The relevant items which will be discussed are the “How Do You Feel About The SA Vampyre Community?” poll, the SA Vampyre Community Religious Affiliation poll, and the SAVA SA VC Perception Survey, respectively. In this analysis of the three surveys, we will look at their meaning and significance to the SA Vampyre Community.

On 23 January, the first of the three polls were posted in a Facebook group catering to the SA VC. The question was asked: ”How Do You Feel About The SA Vampyre Community?”

Poll Jan 21 2013 SA VC

The options given were: 1) I love it! I want it to get bigger! (20 responses), 2) It’s okay, could be better. (9 responses), 3) Bleh, I couldn’t give a crap. (0 responses) and 4) I hate it, leave me alone already. (0 responses).

The number of individuals who participated was 29, and as you can see, the response was overwhelmingly positive towards the SA VC as it currently exists.

The second item was the SA Vampyre Community Religious Affiliation poll which was run from 06 to 23 February 2013, and received 22 responses. Links to the survey were sent out to a mailing list of local participants and also posted on a wide range of Facebook groups catering to local and international participants in the OVC.

The goal of this survey was to determine the religious affiliation of participants in the SA VC, and to place these in the context of stereotypes which claim that self-identified and practicing Vampyres are either “devil-worshipers” or “Satanists”. Of course, these claims most typically come from the hysterical conservative Christian fundamentalist corner – but let’s see what the survey results say:

The highest scoring religious affiliation was the Pagan collective – 6/22, closely followed by representatives of the Christian collective – 5/22. Members of various Vampcentric faiths were third at 4/22. “Other” (undefined) registered at 3/22. The Eastern religions (Buddhism and Hinduism) collective scored 2/22. Right at the bottom of the list we find the Satanic/LHP collective and also other Esoteric orders at 1/22 each. How about that? It would seem that even though the cross-section of our local VC is rather small at only 22 responses, our community follows the clear trend in the global VC as defined by the exhaustive survey performed by Suscitatio LLC – that the stereotype is FAKE, and that only a small percentage of self-identifying Vampyres ascribe to any form of the religion of Satanism.

To obtain a more detailed picture of this survey, please read through the data listing on its page on the Vampyre Academy site.

The SAVA SA VC Perception Survey is the latest survey conducted by the Vampyre Academy. Only ten questions long, it was intended to determine what the prevailing attitude in the local and international OVC is regarding the SA Vampyre Alliance, and its efforts to build and develop the SA VC.

The survey ran from 19-22 February 2013 and total participants numbered 50.

Q1 From where do you generally interact with the VC?

In South Africa (19) 38.00%

NOT in South Africa (31) 62.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


This indicates that participants were more from outside South Africa than within the country. The results should then be seen as more objective, as the SAVA does maintain an active presence on the international OVC, and so many international participants would be familiar with the SAVA to some degree.

Q2 How do you feel about the SAVA currently as an SA VC organization?

I feel POSITIVE about it (34) 68.00%

I feel NEUTRAL about it (12) 24.00%

I feel NEGATIVE about it (4) 8.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Responses to question 2 indicate that 68 percent of respondents feel positive about the SAVA, an overwhelming majority over the other options.

Q3 How do you feel about the efforts of the SAVA to build the SA VC

I feel PROUD (13) 26.00%

I feel GOOD about SAVA’s work (23) 46.00%

It hasn’t done anything for me/I haven’t really noticed (10) 20.00%

I don’t like the direction SAVA has taken in its efforts (4) 8.00%

I don’t like what the SAVA has done (0) 0.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


This indicates that the majority of respondents (72%) feel positive about the SAVA and its work so far, while dissatisfied minority is  made to look extremely small by comparison at only 8%.

Q4 How do you think of the SAVA? Check all that apply

A community organization dedicated to the building of the SA VC (40) 75.47%

An elitist secret society with exclusive membership (7) 13.21%

The secret “government” of the SA VC (6) 11.32%

A sinister religious “vampire cult” (0) 0.00%

NO ANSWER (3) 0.00%


It’s certainly refreshing to see that nobody who took the survey viewed the SAVA as a “sinister religious vampire cult”! It’s also good to see that the majority of respondents could see the wood for the trees by identifying the SAVA as a community organization dedicated to the building of the SA VC.

Q5 Do you think the SAVA does or has done enough to encourage safety measures in the SA VC?

Yes (29) 58.00%

I don’t know (14) 28.00%

No (7) 14.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q6 Do you think there is enough information available on SAVA websites about the VC, what real vampyres are etc?

Yes (32) 64.00%

I don’t know (11) 22.00%

No (7) 14.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


The responses to these two questions are encouraging, as the SAVA, Vampyre Culture Center, Vampyre Academy and History Project sites together carry an impressive repository of vampcentric material which is publicly accessible and designed for easy understanding and clarity. Much of it is focused on community guidelines and safety protocols, a multitude of definitions, lexicon of terms and traditions, and a treasure trove of “what is” and common-sense answers to the most common FAQ’s encountered in the VC.

Q7 Do you think the SAVA engages enough with other community organizations in defense of SA VC interests?

Yes (31) 62.00%

I don’t know (14) 28.00%

No (5) 10.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Considering the efforts the SAVA has put into co-operating with other community representative bodies like the SA Pagan Council (SAPC) and SA Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) on various issues from the acceptance of vampyric Pagans within Pagan circles to the recent debacle surrounding the deplorable return of the SA Police Service’s Occult Religious Crimes Unit, it is rewarding to see that the broader VC recognizes these efforts.

Q8 How do you feel about the level of awareness of the VC generated by the SAVA?

I think it’s a GOOD thing for the VC (28) 56.00%

I don’t know (14) 28.00%

I think it’s a BAD thing for the VC (8) 16.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Q9 If asked, would you like to become a member of the SAVA?

Yes (20) 40.00%

No (13) 26.00%

I don’t know (9) 18.00%

I am a member (8) 16.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


This demonstrates that a larger majority of the respondents view the SAVA favorably enough to want to be a part of it. It’s nice to see also that 16% of the respondents ARE members already.

Q10 Are you a self identified Vampyre or vampyric person?

Yes (39) 78.00%

No (5) 10.00%

I’m not sure (4) 8.00%

Other (2) 4.00%

NO ANSWER (0) 0.00%


Of the 50 respondents, 78% were self-identified Vampyres, with the rest being a sprinkling of “others” who interact with the VC and are considered to be a part of the community in some way.

I think the results of these surveys have shown a few important clues about our local community – that we are held in some high regard as a local VC by those in other VC’s, that the SAVA is viewed very favorably both locally and abroad – and also rather importantly – that as is true of most negative stereotypes, those mis-applied to the the Vampyre Community in terms of religion are false as well.



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