Poetry Competition: The Mystery of Mind

The Mystery of Mind


I was alone that night –


A giant Amber Moon

Was hanging low

Upon a silent ocean –


The velvet sky

Of Midnight blue

Was lined

With Mystic brilliance –

Star-spangled timeless

Beauty incarnate…


I couldn’t help

But look towards

The vastness of it all –

The Milky Way in all its Glory

And Infinity…


Could anyone

Ever comprehend

The all-encompassing

Never ending

Finality of Infinity?


I tried to focus on a spot

Beyond the line of stars

And failed miserably –

Became hopelessly overwhelmed

By the vastness of it all…


And then I saw a shooting star –

Following with my eyes

Its downward path I realised

That this was really not

Infinity at all…

Infinity carries on –

And on

Beyond the stars –

And never ends.

This Galaxy is but

A tiny part of it…


And suddenly the giant Moon

Seemed nothing but a tiny speck –

It faded into non existence

Against the star-filled velvet depth

Of star-studded vacuum…


And then I understood

The concept of Infinity…


But still I fail to fully grasp

The mystery of Mind –


However vast the Universe

And timeless its abundance –

A single thought

Can bring it close to me

And let it snugly fit within

The confines of my mind



Never forgotten –

The beauty of the Amber Moon

Still glows within my mind –


And I will never again

Consider me

To be alone again…


By Antoinette Keyser

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