Poetry Competition: The magic of Nature

The magic of Nature


How magical is nature,

with it’s give and take

It’s children following in it’s wake


While the angry tiny deadly bees chase the mighty elephant who accidentally stepped on their nest,

Their honey providing food for the Badger and the Bear


while the terrible storm wreaks floods the homes of thousand,

Thousands praying for it to dry up

the farmers rejoice for the floods will help them fill the bellies of those many families


The sly cat that catches the mouse and rat and even frightens the deadly snake

who brings fear to man and beast.


Poison Ivy makes us itch, while the celebrated Rose has thorns that teach us not to trust those who look beautiful

While a human mother abandons her baby in the bush, the wild dog nurtures the one who could grow to kill it.


With all of this, nature bears her magic.

Giving and taking to even all things out.

To make us see that we all depend on each other to be


By Jacqueline Friedman

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