Poetry Competition: Tempest



A cloud passes overhead

I watch it float, white on blue

like a feather in the ocean,

And I can’t help but wander…


How we miss the little things,

Today I shed my tears,

Not for lost time, but the moments therein,

Each one passes and still I remain.


I am done, Endymion,

I am the hunter,

I the warrior,

I stand, Tempest.


Let glory reign,

Shedding moments in these tears,

Still I remain,

I stand, Tempest.


Now the skies darken,

Black on black,

Glory rains,

Still I remain.


Sun’s sword splits the heavens,

Gaping wound bleeding light,

Still it rains,

Celestial Tempest.


I remain, sole purveyor,

Alone in the moment,

Like a feather in the ocean,

I watch it float, that little thing.


By Luis Duir

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