Poetry Competition: Solstice



Luna, star bright, shimmers down,

Drown me in your blessed light,

Moon-waif wandering through silver glow,

Dust-moats drifting like purest snow.


Pink peach-blossoms bloom again,

Delicate petals barely born,

Flittering through the darkness down

To rest upon the earth so brown.


A whispering wind bears them on,

Like fey flying high anon,

So softly their touch arouse

the will for freedom in the soul.


Naked babe, grown man stands,

Luna light bathes his hands,

And face and feet, all aglow,

To Luna mother devotion shows.


Stillness echoes through hill and dale,

The only sound the cold winds wail,

As winter ends to summers rise,

Dawn awaits as fire dies.


Greet the newborn sun-child’s face,

The new year settles into place,

Solstice chantings rise again,

This, the blessing, nature’s grace.


So we tell the tale each year,

Purest worship, purest care,

Of the ebb and flow, of turning tide,

And the beauty we honor by fireside.


By Luis Duir

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