Poetry Competition: Seasonal



The rays of the sun dance on your faceShafts of light that fill your soulRainbows of colour each find their own place

Healing every cell and making it whole


Sun shine dappling through leafy green trees

Damp moss and musky brown leaves

Woodland sprites that dance with glee

All in plain sight of those that believe


Blustering and blowing Gaya renews

Tears from her eyes to settle the dust

Colours of Autumn with ever changing hues

Preparations for Samhaim a must


Life leaves the land as green turns to brown

As icicles form and the mist rolls in

Darkness prevails

And the veil it grows thin


When the harvest is gathered

We dance and we sing

A time of reflection on things unresolved

As we wait to welcome what the New Year will bring


The Goddess returns as does the light

Opening her hand she brings forth new life

Buds on the trees and birds in full flight

Seeds are sprouting … abundance is rife


The Seasons unfold with panache and with flair
Time is eternal years come and they go
Stop … take note … take heed if you dare

Wheels within wheels they ebb and they flow


By Tricia Louw

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