WINNER – Poetry Competition: Nature’s Worth

Nature’s Worth


The gentle breeze on a summers day,

to carry all my fears away.

Off to some other place, far and unseen;

a place to keep all the what-might-have-been’s.


The soft rain drops falling from up high,

from bulging clouds congregating in the sky.

Cleanse my heart and cleanse my soul;

wash away my weakness and make me whole.


The mighty lightening that crashes down,

to obliterate my demons all around.

Send your force, surging along;

help me face my fears, make me strong.


The delicate moon, light in a dark place.

Show me mercy, send me grace.

Light up my path and lead the way,

the path to walk every single day.


The tickle of grass under my bare feet,

the loving prick of the soil’s sun-soaked heat;

Keep me humble, truthful and unfeigned.

May my words be honest, yet unrestrained.


The scent that follows the storm and thunder

awakens in me a sense of wonder.

For Mother Nature and all she gives,

How is it then that you cannot believe?


We still cannot believe in Nature’s worth.

We plunder the forests, we destroy the Earth.

We build concrete deity’s, for rule and decay.

How is it that we’ve, so sadly, lost our way?


By Shackled Muse

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  1. Reulbhad says:

    Well done, a truly beautiful poem.

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