Poetry Competition: Nature forever Nature

Nature forever Nature


In the morn of sunny day.

as I rouse invoked by means

of nature, feeling the conceit to be natural.

welcomed by this shiny-day

of which releasing heavy radiations.

beholding the beauty of nature enlightening bright

I woke, feeling inside me a tremendous

magnificent shine of life.


Looking through my four square window

contemplating how the planetary winds

bend trees.

but then, blossoms were in progress of emerging

a genuine blue ocean sky

indulges the intense radiation

to strike through my glass window and roof

consequently sweating my walls

and myself.


As I lean, open the door

the confrontation overwhelm my body

by the nature of air.  Indeed calmed my temperature

and dried the walls.

I then realise the Creator of heaven and earth

no humankind is canst to Creator, nature.


By Siyabanda David

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