Poetry Competition: My Love

My Love


Mother Moon with your soft embrace

caress my hair, my soul, my face.

Gently shine your silvery light

Always keep me safe within your sight.

The beauty of the stars at night

like glistening tears so bright.

Bring me hope and shine the way

to embrace the blessings of each new day.


Father Sun, warm me with your rays

bring love and passion to all my days.

Sooth my body, mind and soul

and under your gaze make me whole.

To open my heart to love and cherish,

to let my fear and hopelessness perish.

Your warm kiss upon my skin

ignites my fire from within.


Cleanse me with your gentle spring water

I am your adoring daughter….

Warm me with your hot summer breeze

Awaken me with your icy winter freeze

It reminds me that I’m alive

and with your love and guidance will survive


Walk with me in the dark of the night,

your hand in mine will lead me to the light

Your reassuring whispers in my ear,

illuminates my path so crystal clear.


My Lady, My Lord, my Love

I feel you below as I feel you above

In all the cycles, seasons and tides

I always feel you by my side


Never alone, lost or forsaken

With your unconditional love…….. I have awaken.


By Moonflower

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