Poetry Competition: Gaia



Mother, on whose back you walk

Save her, protect her, we say

but all we do is talk


Mother nature, one who nurtures

all life born from her womb

as man does nothing but murder


Created as guardians of Her progeny

but all man does is pillage, rape and take

Mother, one our knees we fall, offering apology


Mother, without you where shall be go

left alone in the vastness of the dark

reaping the crops of the seeds we sow


Mother, with ur fields of green,

your oceans filled with life,

and so much by our eyes still unseen,


Forgive your children their trespasses,

For we are blinded by our lust and greed,

unaware of the scope of your losses,


Gaia, home to all floating in the vastness

Mother, giver of life, proctector

without whom man’s home would be nothing but darkness


Forgive us our trespasses,

Let your Children make amends for our sins

let us earn your favor once more, and clean up our mess.


By D. Cay

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