Poetry Competition Entry: The Tree

The Tree


The forest dark and green all around

Fresh smells of wet ground and leaves abound

In the middle of this infinite sea of green

Is a safe place that will forever remain unseen.


Filled with cotton and velvet, purple and reds

Soft and comfortable beyond any compare

The minute you step in you look better than before

Everything’s perfect you cannot wish for anything more.


A little creature, his name Merlin

Sits outside to ensure that no one gets in

His seat placed carefully outside of the door

He dare not move nor stir ‘til he is called.


When the storm hits and thunder begins

He finally concedes and makes his way in

He holds this place dear and close to his heart

As he knows his role means he can never depart


Soft and warm I hold him close

We weather this storm him and I both

Everything is calm inside this tree

Safe, warm just as it should be.


The tree so tall, so old and wise

Will live forever in this magic disguise

A forest so far that no one can find

A forest that’s deep in the darkness of my mind.


By Karen V. Brand

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