Poetry Competition Entry: Mother Earth

Mother Earth


Oh worship the day

Blessed be Mother Earth

With a spirit of air

A passion of fire

With veins of living waters

Arms of living mountains

And a heart of gems

Watched over by the Sun

Blessed by the radiance of our Goddess, Moon

And massaged by time


When we were young, Oh Mother Earth

You nurtured us, you fed us

You Cared for us, you protected us

And Now, will we do you justice

Will we be fair

Or, will our greed rape you

Turn you cold and let you die

Teach us, Oh Mother

Open our minds, so that we might feel your pain

Now that you are aging, taking strain

Can we return you to your youth

Nurse you back to health, only time will tell


Blessed be, Oh Mother Earth

May the Gods be with us

So Mote it Be


By Reul Bhad

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