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PENTON Independent Pagan Media is looking for bloggers.

Do YOU have a point of view on ANY subject ?
Would you like to write your own weekly blog for PENTON ?
Contact: with a sample of your work.

In my recent interview with Penton blogger, Helen Riding,  Helen asked me whether Penton’s readers could expect more controversial posts in future, what criteria I set for Penton bloggers and blog posts, and what types of new bloggers I am keeping an eye out for?

Nectarine blossoms - Spring 2011

Other than that Penton’s bloggers have their own point of view and blog weekly, I don’t set any criteria for content. I want Penton’s bloggers to feel free enough to write whatever they want to, on anything they want to. The assumption some often make is that Pagans only talk about Paganism, when in fact we have a great many non-Pagan specific interests other Pagans may also take an interest in. I’d like to welcome new bloggers with a wide variety of interests to blog for Penton.

I am always looking for new bloggers who have a point of view on any subject. I would love to include writers who enjoy argument and analysis, who thrive on political comment, news and entertainment. South Africa is blessed with a wide variety of talent; artists, musicians, writers, it would be wonderful if Penton could offer them and their work exposure.

I would especially love to include budding journalists looking to exercise their investigative skills. Daily issues in the world around us affect us, irrespective of our religious views. It would be super to have those events and ideas discussed, debated, challenged if necessary. And of course, I would love to read home-brewed in-depth interviews with people, famous and infamous, from all over the world.

Penton has published and will continue to publish diverse and sometimes controversial material and will continue to attempt to widen its diversity by inviting new bloggers from many different backgrounds and life-styles to join its existing team of bloggers. In an ideal world everyone would be paid for their work but Penton does not generate any financial benefit. I know that those who write for Penton do so because they love to write for its own sake, and I thank them for their creative generosity.

If YOU have a special interest or a point of view on any subject and would like to blog for Penton, please contact me with a sample of your work.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

The Editor – Damon Leff
PENTON Independent Pagan Media

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