Penton has a new editor – Bronwyn Katzke


On behalf of Penton Independent Pagan Media I am honored to announce the appointment of Penton’s new Editor, Bronwyn Katzke.

Bronwyn first started contributing to Penton on 16 December 2011 through her blog Beneath the Baobab. In her first post entitled The African Connection she wrote “I am not saying that we should establish a new eclectic Pagan path, but I am saying that we should not allow ourselves to be so rigidly confined to our individual path that it prevents us from embracing South Africa, the land itself, and all it has to offer us. I think it is time to embrace that spirit of evolution that founded our heritage and extend it our various Pagan paths to create a Pagan heritage unique to South Africa. It is time to explore and experience South Africa within our respective paths and share our experiences with the larger community. Then we can truly say, “proudly South African Pagan”.

Since her first article she has demonstrated an independent mind, a deep thirst for truth and fact, and a courageous spirit. Her literary contributions, as a journalist, have contributed to resourceful media coverage on a wide range of subjects affecting Pagans and other religious minorities in South Africa. Bronwyn is in my opinion, a superb investigative journalist who will not flinch from speaking truth to power when challenging prejudice or propaganda. For this I applaud her.

I have absolutely no doubt that under her wise stewardship, Penton can only grow and prosper. I would like to invite Penton’s regular readers and supporters to support Bronwyn, to have faith in her ability to lead Penton IPM into a new era of exploration and discovery, to encourage her on her new journey.




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