Penton – Editor’s Letter

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”
Ola Josep


Grappling with diversity of thought, belief and opinion can, for some, be an onerous and challenging experience. They will demand a right to tolerance for their own beliefs whilst seeking to distance themselves from ‘the other’ for fear of being associated with that other.

Bromeliade - Winter 2011

Penton’s inclusion of material on Vampirism, dual-faith (Christian-Pagan) religion and Satanism has elicited both praise and condemnation from Penton’s regular and new readers. Pagans who remain intolerant toward proselytizing forms of Christianity have argued against the inclusion of Christian content in a Pagan magazine, whilst others have argued equally against the inclusion of content on Vampirism and Satanism on the grounds that neither are ‘Pagan’ paths.

Penton does not, and has never, claimed to represent only one pre-approved or consensual form of Paganism or neo-Paganism (whether that be reconstructionist, eclectic or new-age). On the contrary, since 1995 Penton Magazine has been dedicated in its exploration of Pagans and Paganism and associated occult philosophy, sacred spirituality and religion, in its diversity. Penton will continue to do so.

The right of association isn’t really relevant to the content of this or any other magazine. Penton is not supported by advertising and thus remains wholly independent. Penton has published and will continue to publish diverse and controversial material and will continue to widen its diversity by inviting new bloggers from many different backgrounds and life-styles to join its existing team of bloggers.


“As long as the differences and diversities of mankind exist, democracy must allow for compromise,
for accommodation, and for the recognition of differences.” 
Eugene McCarthy


I hope you, the reader, will continue to engage with Penton’s blogs and articles, whether the content leaves you feeling fulfilled or tormented. If you don’t like what you read, share your thoughts on the blog in question, or ignore it. Penton welcomes a free exchange of opinions and accepts your right, as reader, to offer both criticism and praise. In fact, we encourage it.


The Editor – Damon Leff
PENTON Independent Pagan Media


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3 Responses

  1. Christopher Blackwell says:

    We each have things that we may not like in some other religion. That being the case should we not be careful least we bring that same bad thing into our own religious practice. We can’t change other religions, but we can keep hypocrisy out of our own practice.

    I interview people in a variety of Pagan and Heathen religions. I try to find out what is important to them so that I can ask questions that help them tell their story. Then I give them control over the interview, the right to make suggestions to improve the interview and to put in final changes.

    I figure it is up to my readers to decide what the think about it, and my readers have no need for me to spout my own opinion on the subject. This way we keep people of different religions talking to each other and telling their side of it rather than going by stereotypes and our own assumptions. This sometimes includes religious blends and even some Christians.

  2. Lady Gigi says:

    Great post – Why there is not tolerance in diffident religions or beliefs is beyond. me. I’m a witch, vampire ect.. and a daughter of the Goddess. We should love each other and remove the labels that society has placed on us, which only creates diversity and mis-understanding creating hate.

    Blessed Be
    Lady Gigi

  3. Gigi says:

    Fantastic. I am proud to be a blogger with Penton. Open eyes, and an open heart!! After all being educated is a privilege, and how are we meant to see the world if we just look at one blade of grass…

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