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Witchcraft: superstition or religion?

DAMON LEFF. For centuries Witches have lived in the shadows of other people’s religion; between the lines of mythology, folklore and deliberately constructed propaganda. In the 21st century, Witches don’t exist because superstitious folk believe in our existence, and we won’t disappear if people decide we are merely figments of their imagination.

Parliament of the World’s Religions 2009

Ed Hubbard.

In the world of Interfaith relations, where religions, faiths and traditions seek to find cooperation and peaceful coexistence, the labels and definitions and how they are used are important. Descriptions of faith practices are the way interfaith speakers share information that leads to greater understanding, and the clearer the language used, the better chance all parties will be able to find common ground.

Queer Spirit & the Craft

LE CORBEAU. For many LGBT people, Paganism provides a welcoming, safe, and non-judgemental spiritual environment, something not offered by many of the mainstream religions from which many of these LGBT people have come. Certainly they are offered ‘salvation’, but it is at the high cost of having to forfeit something I believe to be a fundamental part of the human experience, something to which every person has the right: to love another and to be loved by another. Love, I feel, is one of the most basic and beautiful aspects of life.

Hekate: Threeformed Images

Sorita d’Este.

When we examine the myths and legends of the many cultures and religions of the ancient Mediterranean, the Goddess Hekate stands out from the rest. There is simply no other Goddess like her, with evidence stretching back into time, but also crossing the boundaries of tradition, religion and pantheon in rather remarkable ways.

The Goddess remains

The priestess enters the Temple and stares at where the Goddess once stood, the garland still carefully placed at Her invisible feet. The Mystery of Change hangs heavy in the air, but the discomfort of Her leaving is gone. The Goddess still dwells here. Unseen to most, but felt by her devout servants.

Losing a Witch named Wisdom

The cat did not simply submit himself to prehistoric man’s protection and care, as did other now domesticated animals. No, he came to a compromise with cave woman; he would catch all rodents (rats and mice) in return for being allowed to live in the granary, all the while remaining a lithe and wild hunter, an aloof spirit and a mysterious creature whose eyes turned into eerie slits and commanded respect with his other-worldly yet regal expression.

Revelations Through Living

Having been raised Christian, I was expected to approach Deity only as my Father in Heaven. Not an easy task when one doesn’t have a loving father-figure in one’s life! This is one reason why I’ve found Goddess spirituality comes so naturally to me. And so, sometime at the beginning of 2008, when I read Athena’s words to Odysseus, “Go. Find your father,” and those words hit me like a bolt from the blue, I expected that the Goddess would somehow lead me into a greater appreciation of the God. I did not think that those words would play themselves out so very literally in my life!