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Earth Divination

ROBIN HERMESPHILUS. All known peoples, throughout all recorded history have practiced some form of divination. Earth divination makes use of each of the four ancient elements. It does not attempt to foretell the future but rather seeks to track the subtle universal currents of cause and effect, the patterns that favour or hinder various activities.

All are Equal

EREBOS. Some religions do consider blind obedience to authority to be a virtue. Wicca, and Paganism in general, though, cherish autonomy, and no Pagan should be slave to blind obedience. Wiccans who play the game of proclaiming that those who do not agree with them are not true Wiccans should be ignored. History demonstrates how ancient religions in Europe differed. For example, religious cults in Olympia in Greece were not quite the same as in Athens. One community’s understanding of a deity did not have to be the same as that of another community’s.

Asatru: religion of the Asa

DAMON LEFF. An interview with Asatruan, Karl. “Broadly speaking, I believe that we ascribe to the idea of a religion that has its roots in pre-Christian Europe, we have come home to Asatru – the religion of the Asa – as it is the most complete of the very-rarely recorded European religions. As modern Asatruars we honour the lives and deeds of our ancestors, from the pre-Christian age as well as later. We honour the Disir – the spirits of the land, the waters, the stones and the sky for we have much to honour them for. We walk with the Asa and the Vanir, our pantheon of mighty and honoured gods – we honour them and bring them gifts. Those of us that have studied the old ways thoroughly will become proficient at galdr and seidhr magic.”

Conscription was a choice!

Conscription was never an obligation on white men of conscience, it was always a choice. Not all white men must bear the guilt of complicity. South African churches must challenge the dehumanizing effect of conscription on those who chose to resist.

Zuma’s 13 holy cows

In A critical and functional analysis of the mirror metaphor with reference to the media’s responsibility towards society the editor of WegSleep-magazine Zigi Ekron asks “whose mirror is it and, secondly, which society are we talking about?” The ANC is certainly no longer a mirror of the diversity of South African society.

The Fourth Estate’s MAT

In praising the virtues of diversity of expression the African National Congress has failed to realize the deep and abiding significance of the statement ‘freedom of diversity of expression’ in a democracy; that the people have the right NOT to believe! The Media Appeals Tribunal is nothing but a vehicle with which to impose the ANC’s political ideology.

Shani Oates: Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain

“Our concept of sacred space again runs contra to Wicca. Freedom of movement is granted in and out of the ring – no barrier exists, indicating an acceptance of the power and force of the gods through nature as omnipresent and omniscient. Areas used in modern traditional witchcraft can encompass more than one circle; movement between them is ardently encouraged.”