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Ra – God of the Sun

MARIETTE DREYER. The texts most used to define who and what Ra was, are The Pyramid Texts and the Book of the Dead. There is consensus however that Ra is the creator God of all that exists and that he is the Supreme Being, the One God, the only Deity. He has a solar form, the Sun as we see it on a daily basis in which he travels across the heavens in a holy bark, an Egyptian boat.

What is happening to our democracy?

CHRISTINA ENGELA. There are loads of activists using the internet as a powerful information tool, including myself, using tools like Facebook, Twitter and others to highlight all sorts of issues – issues that could make governments blush – or develop nervous ticks. There is no doubt in my mind that this crackdown on freedom of information and freedom of speech will soon include us – if it doesn’t already.

South Africa’s Satanic Panic

FRANCISCO FUMAROLA. A couple of new articles in various Afrikaans newspapers start off with a warning that South Africa needs to be on its knees and turn to God after the “occult murder” of Michael Van Eck. Yes, it is a terrible and gruesome murder, we all agree on that. What I do not agree with is the irresponsible way in which the media perpetuates the satanic conspiracy myth. No real evidence has emerged which would clearly connect the murder to Satanism or criminal occult activity, yet everyone has jumped on the bandwagon by calling it an “occult” or “satanic” murder. I seriously doubt most people in this country even knows what the term occult means and simply equate the term incorrectly with Satanism. The newspaper articles brought all sorts out of the woodwork in their comments section. Commenters came forward with their own stories about Satanism and why it is a real threat. Some claimed to know real “satanism survivors”.

Heksery en Wicca

EREBOS. Voor die kerstening van Germaanssprekende Europa het die Haegtesse (hekse) hoë aansien in die gemeenskap geniet. Alhoewel die hekse geliefde en gesiene persone was, was hulle ook omstrede. Die rede hiervoor is dat daar gelo is dat hulle beide wit (positiewe)- en swart (negatiewe) magie beoefen het – hoewel magiese energie nie wit of swart is nie, dit is neutral, en dit is die beoefenaar wat bepaal hoe hierdie magiese energie aangewend word.

To Dare

SORITA D’ESTE. The system of the four elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth is a key foundation stone in the development of the Western Esoteric Tradition, and practices associated with it can still be found in almost all the modern traditions of magic and mysticism, including Alchemy, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Ceremonial Magic, and Qabalah through to the Wiccan Tradition, Neo-Pagan Witchcraft and Druidry. Its historical origins can be found two and a half thousand years ago in the writings of the ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles. In the fifth century BCE in his Tetrasomia (Doctrine of the Four Elements), Empedocles expressed the view that the four elements were not only the building blocks of the universe, but also spiritual essences. He equated the sources of the elements to Greek deities, thus attributing divine origins to the four elements.

The Republic of Georgia in Pagan Times and Today

MICHAEL BERMAN. The oldest religious notions are preserved in old Georgian myths and tales. The heroes of Georgian fairy tales often go down into the nether world or go up to the sky where they meet and speak with the sun, the moon, and the stars. They look like human beings and have their features. The sun is a woman to them and the moon and the deity of the weather and clouds are men.


EREBOS. Kontemporêre Paganisme in Suid-Afrika, en elders in Afrika, blyk aan ’n gebrek aan outentisiteit te ly. Op eie bodem, en dus vir die meeste Afrikaanse aanhangers, blyk Paganisme ’n poging om aan plaaslikheid te ontkom – dit is nogaal ironies, aangesien in Europa, die geboorteplek van kontemporêre Paganisme, het die herlewing van paganisme juis gegaan om, en gaan dit nog juis om, die herwinning van eie spirituele wortels.