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Writing about Paganism

NIMUE BROWN. There are a range of ways in which authors write about Paganism. Each approach has its advantages and limitations, and it pays to know what it is that you want from a book, when trying to figure out what to spend your time and money on. This is also an issue for anyone thinking about writing, because some approaches suit some authors better than others.

South Coast Pagan Moot

ARIAS FAGLAR. For those of you who are on holiday on the KZN South Coast, you are more than welcome to join us for a Moot if you are in the area at the time. We are happy to welcome all “friendlies” of any path, however we insist on everyone being nice to one another.

Charlie Charlie

DAMON LEFF. There should be no excuse for spiritual, emotional and psychological abuse committed by well-meaning educators against pupils of public schools. Learners have been warned not to play a harmless game of chance called Charlie Charlie because, in the words of exorcist Moulana Nazeem Salie, who was invited by Prince George Primary School to assist educators in preventing the game from being played, “The game you are playing is making deals with the devil and we do not belong to evil, we belong to God.”

My journey to the Morrigan

IVY NEEL. Growing up with a Hindu background, I was exposed to polytheistic devotion as well as a pantheistic worship in my own community. Today I honor the Morrigan. It seems an interesting journey since it was Kali who led me there.

Spirituality without Structure

Nimue Brown This is not a book I consciously set out to write. What happened is that some years ago I spent a lot of time reading about other religions...

Nimue Brown interviews Kitchen Witch, Rachel Patterson

Nimue Brown interviews Kitchen Witch, Rachel Patterson. I met Rachel Patterson through Moon Books. From my perspective she came out of nowhere and set people’s imaginations on fire with her books on kitchen witchcraft. Her friendly accessible style has won her a lot of fans (me amongst them). Down to earth, can do, user friendly writing is something that I really value. For me, kitchen witchcraft is part of folk magic, part of the kind of thing quietly pagan people have always done. If high magic and very ceremonial rituals don’t call to you, then this probably will.

Crystal Blanton

Christopher Blackwell interviews Crystal Blanton. Crystal Blanton is a great many things, a High Priestess, a board member of the Solar Cross Temple, a clinical counselor, social worker, and a graduate worker in a social work program. Crystal writes and coordinates the Patheos blog, Daughters of Eve, is a writer for Sage Woman and a monthly columnist for The Wild Hunt.