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An Interview with MYDDLE EARTH

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. An Interview with MYDDLE EARTH. “Myddle Earth was primarily chosen to draw the attention of the those most likely to enjoy our music. People, when they hear the name, commonly associate it with ‘Lord of the Rings’, of course, which starts them off nicely on the journey to meet with us in our wild and free musical landscape. ‘Myddle Earth’ is the old European term for the physical world we inhabit. which was conceived of as lying in between the higher and lower world’s that are, for the most part, hidden from us. I think the name evokes well the great joy and sadness of being a temporary resident in nature’s almost unbelievable grandeur.”

When do you need defences?

JOHN CANARD. When we find ourselves away from our comfort zone, in unfamiliar surroundings, with unfamiliar noises and smells, the superstitions of a thousand childhoods flood back into our minds. When we are nervous and ill at ease we shift our perceptions and start looking at the minutiae that surrounds us. Doing this is actually a way of looking through a door into the invisible realms, though usually entirely unintentionally. The heightened awareness, increased suggestibility and sensitivity brought on by the unfamiliar, or more scarily by a moment of shifted perception where the familiar suddenly seems unfamiliar, can trigger all of our senses, including the hidden or psychic senses. Because we are not used to our senses being so productive, and do not normally deal with a barrage of subtle signals from the psychic faculties, this can lead to an even greater sense of disturbance or wrongness.

To veg or not to veg?

BRONWYN KATZKE. ‘You are what you eat’, a saying that is more prevalent today than it has ever been. We live in an age obsessed with exactly what we fuel our bodies with; and this is especially evident in women’s magazines that hype the latest diet fads. Food fashions that promise instant weight loss, increased health, glowing skin, youthful radiance and much, much more. But there is one diet option that has been gaining in favour within New Age circles as it offers something more than health benefits – it promises increased psychic abilities and higher spiritual vibrations.

The grime of the day

NATHALIE BEULAH. I’m staying with a friend for the next few days to help her while she fosters a four month old baby over the festive season and a ten year old boy she is in the process of adopting. One thing I can say so far is, if you have ever had to deal with a constipated baby, you might appreciate your parents a lot more. It is tiring work, to the point when we actually cheered the baby on as he started to push.

Is It really time to be jolly?

AMBERSTORM. As we are all awaiting the New Year and what it will bring, most of us are also planning our new year’s party. It’s the time to be jolly, a time for parties and a time for New Year’s resolutions, which few of us will keep past the first month. During these festivities few of us really think of the consequences of our actions during this time. Drinking and driving takes its toll and the famous expression “I were such a good driver, even drunk I could make it home safe” gets heard around every corner. Sorry to inform you, it’s the other drivers around you, avoiding your swerving and reckless driving that actually helped you to get home safe, NOT YOU!!!

Andre Smith – Officer of Avalon

MORGAUSE FONTELEVE. Andre Smith (awarded the Golden Wand Award by the Correllian Tradition in 2009, for acts of bravery) is a member of the South African Police Force and the only member of Officers of Avalon in South Africa. I interviewed Andre in order to get a clearer picture of this organization and to understand the work that Andre and his spouse Lucia are doing in South Africa to promote Paganism publicly.

White Witch

BRONWYN KATZKE. It may have been that when Gerald Gardner first took Wicca out of the broom closet and thrust it into the glaring light of the public eye that term ‘white witch’ was born. A term concocted by the first of modern day witches to reassure a predominately Christian public that they did not worship the Christian Satan; as if by adding ‘white’ to a term that was synonymous with the villain of many a fairytale would soften the public to accepting them as ‘good’ witches. But perhaps with decades of use and the commercialisation of the New Age, those who used the term as a safeguard began to full it out, believing solely in all the ‘love and light’ they preached.

Crime & Contemplation

CHRISTINA ENGELA. This past week I have been contemplating crime… that is, the concept of crime & punishment. People seem to think that punishment and the concept of consequence provides a framework of limitations which go beyond just saying “don’t”. Punishment implies the “or else…” and waves a nobbly finger in the air. Some are so quick to demand the death penalty for a certain sort of crime, often without seriously considering the application, implications and consequences of all of the above. Right at the top of my list of concerns is the death penalty – which many people view as a necessity – which they also claim is some form of deterrent – a “magic bullet” if you will, against crime. Hang or fry a few people, and pretty soon, would-be criminals will be too frightened to get caught to risk it… or so the theory goes. But we all know that reality is completely different, don’t we? Especially here in sunny South Africa.